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OHCHR has developed a framework of indicators to respond to a longstanding demand to develop and deploy appropriate statistical indicators in furthering the cause of human rights. One of the recommendations of the World Conference on Human Rights in Vienna was the use and analysis of indicators to help measure progress in human rights The framework comprises 232 indicators, including four human rights indicators (see Human Rights Indicators: A Guide to Measurement and Implementation) for which OHCHR is responsible in terms of methodological development, data compilation and dissemination in the SDG progress report: - Conflict-related deaths (16.1.2 The Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) has published Human Rights Indicators: A Guide to Measurement and Implementation. The publication aims to assist in developing quantitative and qualitative indicators to measure progress in the implementation of international human rights norms and principles Rajeev Malhotra for initiating and conceptualizing the work on indicators for human rights at OHCHR and for his leading role in the development of the Guide with Nicolas Fasel and Grace Sanico Steffan. OHCHR wishes to thank Martin Scheinin for his substantive leadership and the followin

In the framework of the EU financed Bridging the Gap I project, OHCHR developed human rights indicators on the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) as a key tool to facilitate understanding and implementation of the Convention's provisions. Human rights indicators enhance human rights implementation and measurement by EU-OHCHR Bridging the Gap I: Human Rights indicators for the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in support of a disability inclusive 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Human rights indicators on the CRPD; Developing human rights indicators on the CRPD; The process; Human rights indicators on the CRP As the official custodian for four SDG indicators, OHCHR continues to play a role in human rights data collection that are key to the SDGs, in its pioneering work on global indicators and positioning OHCHR assistance to support institutional collaboration between national statistical offices and NHRIs, and efforts to link up international reporting on realising human rights obligations and SDG as well as ESCR targets and indicators OHCHR Working Document - Last Updated 09 April 2018 1 International human rights standards and recommendations relevant to the disaggregation of SDG indicators The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable.. OHCHR: Indicator 16.1.3: Proportion of population subjected to (a) physical violence, (b) psychological violence and (c) sexual violence in the previous 12 months: 2: UNODC: Indicator 16.1.4: Proportion of population that feel safe walking alone around the area they live: 2: UNOD

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114 OHCHR MANAGEMENT PLAN 2014-2017 - WORKING FOR YOUR RIGHTS OHCHR Performance Monitoring System Evaluation OHCHR takes a systematic and methodological approach to evaluation as part of results-based management. It works towards an evaluation culture built around the needs of users and the impact on rights-holders This indicator is a structural indicator in the OHCHR methodology for human rights indicators (HRI/MC/2008/3). Method of computation The indicator is computed as the status of ratification, State party (allows individual communications and inquiry procedure, when relevant), Signatory, and No action. Data collection and sourc 2. The work on indicators at OHCHR was initiated at the request of the ICM to help them make use of statistical information in States parties' reports in assessing the implementation of human rights.1 OHCHR undertook an extensive survey of literature and prevalent practice Indicators are indirect measures of elements that, taken together, can be used repeatedly and over time to assess progress towards specific goals and objectives

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The programme of OHCHR on human rights indicators was initiated primarily at the request of the Inter-Committee Meeting of the treaty bodies (ICM) seeking assistance on the use of statistical information in monitoring States parties' compliance with international human rights instruments Title Evaluating the impact of human rights training : guidance on developing indicators Author OHCHR Imprint Geneva ; Montreal, Canada: OHCHR, Equitas, 202 iii Acknowledgements This manual is the result of a long process to identify and promote the use of global juvenile justice indicators. This work was initiated at UNICEF, and has been led sinc

following people: Rajeev Malhotra (OHCHR), Christian Resch (UNDP), Joachim Nahem (UNDP), Hans-Otto Sano (Danish Institute of Human Rights) and Thomas Winderl. The document has been produced jointly by HURIST, the joint programme of UNDP and OHCHR for human rights strength-ening, and the UNDP Governance Indicators' Project, based i sectoral ministries' gender indicators for the collection of sex-disaggregated data to track where Government is making progress in (1) closing the gender gaps, (2) where inequalities may be widening and (3) where the gender inequalities record no change. The gender indicators contained in thi The indicator framework builds on the thematic and normative links between the four . elements included in SDG Indicator 4.7.1 and the five components of the WPHRE (see text . boxes), since the WPHRE is the most comprehensive internationally agreed framework that . exists for human rights education. This approach operationalises the OHCHR. the decision-making processes related to OHCHR planning for 2014-2017, including on the definition of targets and the allocation of resources. Targets and achievements In the 2012-2013 OMP, OHCHR presented global targets for the indicators of the office-wide results (11 global expected accomplishments measured by 27 indicators)

Rights (OHCHR), in collaboration with Equitas - International Centre for Human Rights Education (Equitas). This work is available open access by complying with the Creative Commons license created for Developing indicators for human rights education 33 3.3.1 Language doc docx pdf html other ; English.doc.docx.pdf.html : TreatyBodies/CRPD : CRPD/C/GC/5: en: DocStore : English: Français.doc.docx.pdf.htm

The UHRI facilitates access to human rights recommendations issued by three key pillars of the United Nations human rights monitoring system: the Treaty Bodies established under the international human rights treaties as well as the Special Procedures and the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) of the Human Rights Council. Learn more about the human rights mechanisms - Click Her GenerateMapPdf - OHCHR Dashboard Created Date: 4/13/2015 8:19:56 AM.

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and/or indicators that are directly relevant to migration. For example, target 10.7 calls upon countries to facilitate orderly, safe, regular and responsible migration and mobility of people, including through the implementation of planned and well-managed migration policies, and others refer to migration 即将离开知乎. 你访问的网站有安全风险,切勿在该网站输入知乎的帐号和密码。 如需访问,请手动复制链接访问

The human rights discourse and practice are increasingly looking at issues of implementation and accountability gaps. States and international and national human rights monitoring mechanisms are working to improve policy and monitoring frameworks to foster the implementation of universally accepted human rights standards. In this context, there has been an increasing demand for indicators. - Supports, as appropriate, the work of treaty-established bodies, extra-conventional mechanisms, special procedures and other OHCHR initiatives including the proposed World Human Rights Report, with regard to the development of appropriate indicators to inform the implementation of human rights

Ohchr Huridocs Indicators 1. Using Indicators to Promote and Monitor the Implementation of Human Rights Nicolas Fasel, UN-OHCHR Geneva, 14-18 January 2008 Workshop - HURIDOC Grace Sanico Steffan, OHCHR 7th Meeting of the IAEG-SDGs, Vienna 10-12 April 2018 International human rights standards and recommendations relevant to the disaggregation of SDG indicators OHCHR Library: Shelves: LIB/HRP/MISC/113-- Details Title Indices, benchmarks, and indicators : planning and evaluating human rights dialogues / Anna Würth and Franke Lisa Seidensticker. Author Würth, Anna Seidensticker, Franke Lisa. Imprint Berlin: German Institute for Human Rights, 2005. Language Note English. Call Number. reproductive rights are human rights - ohchr contributions to the Handbook and partici-pation in a validation workshop in New York, in September 2011. National Institutions from these countries, along with Portugal, El Salvador, Kenya, Namibia, Senegal and Uzbekistan, also provided information on their activities related to reproductive rights

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Functions and organization Mandate. The mandate of OHCHR derives from Articles 1, 13 and 55 of the Charter of the United Nations, the Vienna Declaration and Programme of Action and General Assembly resolution 48/141 of 20 December 1993, by which the Assembly established the post of United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights. In connection with the programme for reform of the United. OHCHR Library: Shelves: LIB/ESCR/(6)/32-- Details Title Catalogue of health indicators : a selction of important health indicators recommended by WHO programmes. Author WHO. Imprint Geneva: WHO, 1996. Language Note English. Alternate Call Number WHO document WHO/HST/SCI/96.8. Call Number LIB/ESCR/(6)/32. Linked Resources. OHCHR Seminar on effective measures and best practices to ensure the promotion and protection of human . rights in the context of peaceful protests. Special Rapporteur on the rights to freedom of peaceful assembly and of association. Freedom of Religion and Belief. OHCHR and the Faith for Rights framewor

meta-data sheets, namely detailed information on identified indicators (definition, rationale, method of computation, sources, disaggregation levels, periodicity, plus any other relevant information facilitating interpretation and use of indicators) are also part of the OHCHR framework and being developed for selected indicators (see appendix to the report HRI/MC/2008/3) Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR).14 The framework translates human rights norms and principles into contextually relevant indicators and benchmarks for measuring human rights implementation at country level. The indicator framework differentiates between structure, process and outcome indicators The 2012 OHCHR Human Rights Indicators Guide offers detailed guidance and illustrative indicators for tailoring globally agreed indicators to the national level, drawing explicitly from international human rights law. The Guide discusses, among other things,. Furthermore, the human rights indicators developed by the UN Human Rights Office, together with the global Sustainable Development indicators, can provide a useful framework for tracking and monitoring the implementation of the Social Pillar. * Link to the global OHCHR website

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  1. SDG Indicators - Sustainable Development Goal Indicators. Target 2.1: By 2030, end hunger and ensure access by all people, in particular the poor and people in vulnerable situations, including infants, to safe, nutritious and sufficient food all year roun
  2. Standing Invitations. A standing invitation is an open invitation extended by a Government to all thematic special procedures. By extending a standing invitation States announce that they will always accept requests to visit from all special procedures
  3. OHCHR Library: Shelves: LIB/NOND/MISC/118-- Title Study on challenges in the development of local equality indicators : a human rights centered model. Author International Coalition of Cities against Racism. Imprint Paris: UNESCO, 2010. Language Note English. ISBN 9789231041716. Call Number LIB/NOND/MISC/118. Linked.
  4. human rights indicators for migrants and their families - OHCHR Dec 16, 2013 - of Migration, in the context of its initiative to develop human rights LeVoy and Lilana Keith of the Platform for International Cooperation on.Key process issues (such as the scope and application of the legal andIndicators also pick up cross-cutting principles, including accountability, the prohibition of
  5. The Children's Rights in the Community and Environment Index evaluates five issue categories which are measured by three types of indicator: legal framework, enforcement and outcomes

The OHCHR framework sets out general human rights indicators that serve as a model for many other rights indicator frameworks, though it does not specifically address migrant rights. The Organization of American States provides a framework of indicators for economic, social and cultural rights within the Americas However, indicators differ significantly between those produced by a powerful organization, such as the World Bank, which scores and ranks countries, and more participatory processes, such as OHCHR human rights indicators, in which the experts provide a framework—but to a somewhat greater extent, the choice of indicators, methods, and data collection lies with the countries being measured

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Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) TABLE OF CONTENTS Annex 2: Relevant indicators from the universal Sustainable Development Agenda..... 16. 1 INTRODUCTION Respect for the rule of law is declining worldwide - a persistent trend evident even in establishe OHCHR employs 1085 staff (as of 31 December 2013). HRMIU includes three statisticians at OHCHR's headquarters in Geneva and human rights officers and data collection specialists in many OHCHR field presences. Flagship Publications Human Rights Indicators: A Guide to Measurement and Implementation , HR/PUB/12/5, 2012 United Nation 2 Sustainable Development Goals and human rights: an introduction for SRHR advocates The SDGs and human rights Background In September 2015, UN Member States adopted an ambitious new global framework - the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

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OHCHR Human Rights Indicators. On to the rights to freedom of opinion, freedom of peaceful assembly, freedom of association and the right to participate in public affairs Published: June 2016. A list of key monitoring indicators published by the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in 2016 DOI: 10.18356/34791256-en Corpus ID: 145030671. The indicators framework of OHCHR applied to the right to development @inproceedings{Fasel2013TheIF, title={The indicators framework of OHCHR applied to the right to development}, author={N. Fasel}, year={2013} Until now, OHCHR has not consistently identified and measured performance indicators. The Strategic Framework has its own set of indicators, largely output-oriented, and on the definition of which the Office has little influence (Member States decision)

The Human Rights Indicators Team at the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) is currently developing indicators for freedom of association and peaceful assembly. From now until the end of December 2014, they are asking organizations that have developed indicators or used statistical data in this area to share their work Using Indicators to Promote and Monitor the Implementation of Human Rights Nicolas Fasel, UN-OHCHR Geneva, 14-18 January 2008 Workshop - HURIDOC

HUMAN RIGHTS OFFICER (INDICATORS) (Temporary Job Opening), P4 (Temporary Job Opening) Job Code Title: HUMAN RIGHTS OFFICER: Department/Office: Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights: Duty Station: GENEVA: Posting Period: 14 August 2020 - 20 August 2020: Job Opening Number: 20-Human Rights Affairs-OHCHR-139778-J-Geneva (X) Staffing. ethnic characteristics of the country and its population, taking into account the list of indicators contained in the section Demographic indicators in Appendix 3.-----GE.06-43068. Title: UNITED Author: OHCHR Last modified by: csd Created Date: 7/13/2006 2:12:00 PM Company: OHCHR indicators that allow for the identification of those factors that explain exclusion and/or inequality over the educational cycle. In certain contexts, for example, the access to primary education is more likely to be. E/C.12/1998/22 page 3 influenced by urban­rural disparities, whereas gender differences become including indicator handbooks, databases, tools, and indices. The resources are both internal and external to USAID. The audience for this list is Monitoring and Evaluation, (M&E) Specialists, Project and Activity Design Teams, and technical teams. This list includes custom indicators and standard foreign assistance indicators, and is intended as

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OHCHR Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights RFSL Swedish Federation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Rights indicators, all of which guided the indicator development. Section 5 describes the method for identifying initial indicators that were later refined The 2019 RDR Corporate Accountability Index ranks 24 companies according to 35 indicators evaluating company disclosure of policies and practices affecting freedom of expression and privacy. Company scores and accompanying analysis have been generated through a rigorous process including peer review, company feedback, and quality control. The data produced by the RDR Index informs the [ OHCHR has made significant advancements promoting the rights of people with disability, and supporting states in implementing the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. OHCHR has considerable experience working in fragile states, including through human rights monitoring and contributing to peace building initiatives Where the SP includes multiple indicators in one line, these were counted as separate (stand-alone) indicators. In addition, indicators that were footnoted were also included in the manual (i.e. Footnote 39 in UNICEF Strategic Plan 2018-2021 Results Framework, output indicators 3.a.7.a to c)

- Coordinate the adoption and application of OHCHR framework on human rights indicators by all relevant stakeholders and promote the establishment of mechanisms for measuring compliance with human rights standards by the widest posible range of governmental institutions of Mexico and in the region In 2020, OHCHR established a Working Group on Sustainable Environmental Management (WG-SEM) and an Organizational Effectiveness Action Plan for Sustainable Environmental Management (OEAP10). The OEAP10 contains a provision related to the strengthening of internal OHCHR procurement processes to include measures related to sustainable procurement

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Sustainable Development Goal 16 (SDG 16 or Global Goal 16) is about peace, justice and strong institutions. One of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals established by the United Nations in 2015, the official wording is: Promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all. State obligations, indicators, benchmarks and the right to education Background paper submitted by Paul Hunt (University of Waikato, New Zealand) 1. Over the last 12 years or so, our understanding of the international legal obligations arising from the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR) has deepened EU-OHCHR Bridging the Gap validation meeting on indicators . 24-25 June 2019. CICG. Europe/Zurich timezone. Overview. Timetable. Digital Recordings. Home. CICG Starts 24 Jun 2019 10:00. Ends 25 Jun 2019 18:00. Europe/Zurich Share this page Direct link: Please use CTRL + C to copy this URL. Social networks.

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In establishing indicators, the focus should be on the vision and world view of indigenous peoples, based on collective rights, (OHCHR) and the secretariat of the Permanent Forum Following the 6th Conference of the International Society for Child Indicators (Montreal, 2017), this Special Issue was compiled to advance an interdisciplinary understanding of the complexity of conceptualizations, determinants, consequences, and measurement of child neglect around the world and to highlight the need for reforms in child protection systems Metadata & Indicator Brief. SDG indicator 16.7.1 (b): Proportions of positions (by sex, age, persons with disabilities and population groups) in the public service (national and local), compared to national distributions. This indicator measures the extent to which a country's public institutions are representative of the general population compared to the national proportions of various.

COVID-19 and its human rights dimensions. COVID-19 is a test of societies, of governments, of communities and of individuals. It is a time for solidarity and cooperation to tackle the virus, and to mitigate the effects, often unintended, of measures designed to halt the spread of COVID-19 Proven Effectiveness of Whistleblowers Three recent scientific studies objectively prove that whistleblowers are the most effective at detecting fraud The Civil Society Section of the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) is seeking feedback on a draft set indicators on freedoms of peaceful assembly and association that it is currently developing. Comments should be sent to civilsociety@ohchr.org by 31 January 2015. This work is part of OHCHR's wider efforts in developing human rights indicators an OHCHR reports its contributions, the ongoing projects and programs and the input of its Monitoring and Evaluation of the situation in Tunisia (early warning indicators) to the Headquarters through weekly and monthly reports. The selected volunteer will contribute to compiling and drafting these aforementioned reports Proportion of the population in target communities which support minority rights (OHCHR) To be identified through baseline study 10% increase by the mid-2016 On track Output 3.1 Free state language courses for youth and teachers and state officals from various ethnic communities Indicator 3.1.

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OHCHR: Teaching material in State language for civil servants at different levels (A1-A2; B1-B2) did not exist, hence needed to be developed in order to deliver free state language classes. By mid 2016, approximately 800 civil servants will have received free state language classes Indicator 3.1.2. Output 3. all levels; and generation of segregated data on STs such as tribe-specific health indicators at all levels and composite tribal development index were other recommendations for welfare of the STs. 13 9. However, there have been reports of slow implementation of quota programmes of STs in employment Illustrative indicators on the right to the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health (UDHR, art. 25) OHCHR, Human Rights Indicators: A Guide to Measurement and.

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Universal Periodic Review (UPR) the 3rd cycle ;Outline / Content ;UPR THIRD CYCLE 2017-2021(2022) ;3rd cycle of the UPR A new momentum for constructive and cooperative engagement SG report A/72/351 ;Role of Governments ;Role of Parliaments and Judiciary ;Role of other national stakeholders, NHRIs and NGOs ;Role of regional human rights mechanisms ;Support to SDG implementation ;Universal Human. Carmen Rosa Villa Quintana, Representative for Central America, OHCHR Authors Camilo Bernal Sarmiento, lawyer and criminologist, National University of Colombia and the University of Barcelona, Spain THE SIGNS AND INDICATORS OF A FEMICIDE: MEDICAL-FORENSIC ACTION AND CRIMINAL ANALYSI Implementation Tools ICCS Highlights Roadmap for the Implementation of the ICCS in National Contexts. To support countries in planning the implementation of the ICCS in national statistics systems on crime and criminal justice, UNODC has drafted the following model Roadmap for the Implementation of the ICCS in national contexts which lists the most important steps that countries need to.

OHCHR News Archive 1994 - 2013. Use the form below to search for OHCHR news published from 1994 through 2013. (For more recent news, see the News Search: 2013-present) The search will return a maximum of 500 news items. Countr gender identity, as defined by international hate crime definitions and indicators. Government authorities treat these as ordinary crimes, discount the possibility of sexual orientation as a factor, or alternately, blame the victim for bringing the violence on themselves. Part of the reason is th Presentation of the statistical indicators..... 18 Box 1. New international recommendations concerning statistics of work, employment and labour underutilization OHCHR Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights OOPS Out-of-pocket spending by private household

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economic indicators in Iraq focusing on the cities of Baghdad, Basra, and Erbil, and highlighting aspects of the situation of women and internally displaced persons (IDPs) in those areas. This report is an update to the EASO COI Report: Iraq Key Socio-economic Indicators, url, published in February 2019. Terms of Referenc UN OHCHR A Manual on Human Rights for Judges, Prosecutors and Lawyers 법률가(법관, 검사, The way in which justice is administered in a society is one of the basic indicators of its well-being. As highlighted by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, . OHCHR is grateful to the co-organisers and all participants. On 19 and 20 June 2002, OHCHR organized an expert seminar to discuss a first draft of the guidelines. Participation Some brief comments are in order regarding the targets, indicators and strategies identified in these Guidelines. 32. For. 10 OHCHR, 2012, Human Rights Indicators: World Bank Study, Human Rights Indicators in Development: An Introduction (2010). 3 In order to identify disparities, all indicators should be disaggregated by different social groups as far as possible, taking into account issues regarding sample sizes, at a minimum in re

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