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This highway bus connects Tokyo and Yokohama with Kyoto and Osaka, and operates once a day. Bus facilities and features differ depending on the service. Also, buses may vary in facility options due to the vehicle maintenance and inspection The Kyoto - Tokyo Midnight Express. Buses travel from Tokyo, Shinjuku and Shibuya to Kyoto (one of the greatest tourist spots) and Hirakata (academic city), Osaka. The route meets the diversified needs of sightseeing and business. We look forward to serving you

Yes, there is a direct bus departing from Kyoto Station Karasumaguchi station and arriving at Tokyo Station Nihonbashi Exit station. Services depart three times a day, and operate every day. The journey takes approximately 7h 43m Taking a bus from Kyoto to Tokyo is cheaper than flying. Quite often, a long-distance bus is the cheapest transportation option. Buses normally make bathroom and/or lunch stops along the way. Things to remember before opting for a bus ride: If possible, make sure to choose higher-class buses for a more comfortable travel experience

There are a variety of companies offering highway express bus services from Kyoto Station to Tokyo. This is certainly an economical option. However, the journey can take up to 8 or 9 hours. There are also night buses that leave the station in the evening and reach Tokyo at around 6 or 7 in the morning Explore Japan by WILLER. WILLER offers more than 120 bus routes throughout Japan including major cities such as Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Nagoya, Kanazawa, Hiroshima and popular destinations such as Shirakawago or Takayama. We operate more than 880 bus services every day and over 2.4 million travelers take WILLER EXPRESS highway buses per year Check Seat Availability (Select Boarding Date) Fro

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477.36 km (297 miles) Travel Time: 7 Hours 57 Minutes. Frequency: 9 Times/Day. Bus Fare: 56.0 USD (~5,688.98 JPY) Kyoto Fukakusa. car It takes seven to nine hours from Tokyo to Kyoto by bus. The bus fare will vary with different companies, and a seat can range from 1,700 yen to more than 10,000 yen, but you can expect to pay somewhere in the range of 6,000 to 9,000 yen, which is more affordable than the Shinkansen If you ride Kyoto City Bus and Kyoto bus running only within the Flat Fare Zone, pay a bus fare into a fare box with exact amount (¥230) when you get off. If you don't have exact amout coins, you need to change money by changing machine beforehand. The machine is next to an IC card reader, the same equipment as the fare box Tokyo to Kyoto with a budget airline Time: 3.5 to 4 hours Money: ¥4,800 to ¥9,000. Bus from Tokyo to Kyoto. You have a few well-renowned bus companies to choose from. Kosokubus are good for night buses. It will take you about 7 hours and cost you from ¥3,000 to ¥5,000. Book 1-2 weeks in advance and you'll get the cheap tickets

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Guaranteed big time savings await you when you book a night bus ticket from Kyoto to Tokyo! Be comfortably seated in either a 3 seater or 4 seater row coach that would suit large traveling parties. Travel hassle-free today with Klook The distance between Kyoto and Tokyo is 364 km (226 miles)!You don't want to blow your budget on transportation. See our tips on keeping travel c... Edit: Oops Bus from Tokyo to Kyoto A much cheaper method of travel than the high-speed train is to do what many Japanese students and backpackers do and take the bus. With Willer Express , the good news is that the cheapest one-way ticket to Kyoto will cost between 3,520 Yen (ca. 35 USD) and 5,490 Yen (ca. 54 USD) depending on your date of travel and type of bus We took the night bus from Tokyo to Kyoto paying in total for the two os us $75. 78 we booked online with http://willerexpress.comIf you want to stay in the.

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  1. The cost of the trip from Tokyo to Kyoto varies according to what means of transport you choose for your journey. The most affordable operator is Chibamirai Kanko Bus KB4: travelling by bus expect to pay as low as JPY 2,616 for your ticket
  2. al is located in Yaesu Exit (八重洲口.) Long distance bus tickets can be purchased at JR Expressway Bus at the bus ter
  3. For budget travelers, the highway bus is the cheapest way if you are looking on how to get to Kyoto from Tokyo on budget. The bus fares is varied by company, season and comfort level. Typical one way of bus fare on discount rate is start from ¥3,500 until while premium buses to ¥10,000
  4. How far is it from Tokyo to Kyoto? Well, not that far! As the bird flies it is only 366.65 km (227.83 miles), making it possible to reach Kyoto through various means: by bus, by train, by plane, by driving, by carpooling, and by hitchhiking.. This article will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each option as well as help you discover which is the most suitable option for you

Here's a sample itinerary for a drive from Kyoto to Tokyo. If you're planning a road trip to Tokyo, you can research locations to stop along the way. Find the best hotels, restaurants, and attractions based on the most talked about places recommended by Trippy members If you take the Kyoto City Bus 205 from Kyoto Station and get off at the Kinkakuji-mae bus stop you can walk to the Kinkakuji, the Ryoanji, and the Myoshinji Temples. To visit the Ginkakuji Temple and the Honenin Temple in north-east Kyoto you can catch the Kyoto City Bus 5 or 17 from Kyoto Station and get off at the Ginkakuji-michi bus stop

The total CO2 Emission for your Kyoto Station - Tokyo bus trip is 14.11 kg; Your total cost to travel by bus from Kyoto Station to Tokyo is about 58.0 USD (~5,892.16 JPY Tohoku Kyuko Bus Tokyo Office (Shinonome) 21:30: Tokyo Disneyland® 22:00: Tokyo Station (Yaesu Street) 22:40: Yokohama Station (West-Gate) 23:3 Yokohama/ Tokyo Disnyland®️ 3 times daily (all seats by reservation) Hamamatsu → Nagashima Onsen/ Kyoto/ Osaka: 2 times daily (all seats by reservation) ※Bus stops in Kyoto are at the Meishin Expressway and Kyoto-Fukakus

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Purchase a one-day pass from the bus information attendant at the Hachijo Gate of Kyoto Station or from the bus crew. Payment by cash, WAON, LINE Pay, PayPay is possible. We can't accept payment by credit card and so on. Please understand in advance. When the bus is full, you might not be able to get in Day 6: SUIGEKKA tO kYOTO 89 mi / 7,000 Ft . Our last day's journey has us cycling deep into the mountains north of Kyoto on more tiny roads in dense forests. The final lunch of the trip comes on the heels of a long descent at a traditional soba house at a remote mountainous location known for its sweetfish fishing

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  1. Past the point of query, yes, but just like to share finding for budget travellers from Tokyo to Kyoto. Managed to secure overnight return trip for under 6000yen (Tokyo-Kyoto-Tokyo). It can be done if you are able to book abt 3 months in advance for RELAX type (w/o washroom which appears to be only offered on the Tyoko-Osaka bus in any case)
  2. Pages related to Osaka/Kyoto <=> Kawaguchiko/Mt. Fuji Sta. line (Fujiyama liner). Fujikyu buses strive to ensure 120% safe driving and provide comfortable transportation services. Check out the latest Fujikyu bus information
  3. VIP LINER of Highway bus comfortable as for the reservation of Highway bus, night coach. Fully furnished with VIP lounges with powder rooms available at both departure and arrival. A lot of consideration that bus of VIP LINER including Ladies only can sleep! If it is our site, Seat-Designation is made by simple net reservation, too

There are two options for transportation to get to Kyoto from Tokyo. 1. Shinkansen Bullet Train 2. Night Bus Let's check out pros and cons of each one. Shinkansen Bullet Train: fastest and comfortable. The fastest way to travel to Kyoto from Tokyo is by Shinkansen With Kyoto and Tokyo inextricably linked, it only makes sense that we cover the history of Japan's current capital now. The Edo Period . Like Kyoto, Tokyo always didn't have its name. It was once named after an estuary, which translates to Edo in Japanese

There are many bus companies having the route from Tokyo to Kyoto such as Kosoku Bus, Midnight Express, Tokyu, and Willer. A trip from Tokyo to Kyoto costs about ¥ 4,800 (~ 44 USD) depending on the comfort and each season. It takes about 6 - 9 hours from Tokyo to Kyoto Timetables and fares. A standard Tokyo to Kyoto trip with the JR Pass takes close to 2 hours and 40 minutes, taking the Hikari Shinkansen. Unlike Hikari, all Kodama trains need close to 4 hours to reach Kyoto from Tokyo. This is so since they stop at all stations before reaching their final destination

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  1. utes. Arrive at Demachiyanagi train station. The bus will drop you off pretty close to the train station, so once you get off the bus, head on over to the Eizan railway train station
  2. The one way trip from Tokyo to Kyoto by highway bus takes about 7-8 hours. There are daytime and overnight buses. Fierce competition on the Tokyo-Kyoto-Osaka route has produced a wide variety of comfort levels (from discount to super premium buses) and an abundance of low priced offers
  3. g from Tokyo. Buses. The bus network in Kyoto is a great way to reach many attractions, especially those in the north of Kyoto. Geared towards tourists, the bus system has Japanese as well as English announcements and signage
  4. Head to Tokyo to Kyoto in a convenient and comfortable transfer onboard the famous Shinkansen Bullet Train; Enjoy unlimited travel on all subway lines, city bus lines, and Kiehan buses with a 1 day Kyoto Subway and Bus Pass; Sit back, relax, and take in the beauty of Japan's urban and natural landscapes as you travel to your destinatio
  5. The bus ticket will cost around 2,500 to 2,700 yen (US$25). It'll take around 2.5 hours to get from Tokyo to Mt Fuji 5th station by bus. See more costs of climbing Mount Fuji. What if bus tickets to Mt Fuji 5th station are sold out?! There are alternative ways to get to Mt Fuji 5th station. It will just take longer
  6. Asia - Bus from Kyoto to Tokyo - Hi we're going to Japan for 1 month... flying into Osaka. We have a 21 day JR pass but don't want to activate it till after tokyo. We were thinking of going.
  7. al. Tokyo/Shinjuku⇔Kyoto/Nara/Oji Osaka/USJ/Sannomiya. Seishun Eco Dream-go/Gran Dream-go/Premium Dream-go/Dream Relier-go. JR Bus Kanto/West JR Bus. Kyoto Prefecture. Tokyo/Shinjuku⇔Kyoto/Osaka. Hiru Tokkyu-go

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  1. Telephone reservation 1) Nohi Bus Reservation Center (9:00am~6:00pm)TEL(0577)32-1688 2) Kintetsu Kosoku Reservation Center (9:00am~7:00pm)TEL 0570-00163
  2. Overnight bus. There are many overnight bus services running between Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto. JR pass used to cover some overnight bus but it does not cover any overnight bus at all now. If you take this option, JR Pass might not fit your travel because you may not be able to get the worth of it. Willer Travel operates lots of overnight bus
  3. utes from Shibuya and 15

JR Bus Kanto operate one service that runs between Tokyo and Nara. The Premium Dream 11 service is an overnight bus service that leaves Tokyo Disneyland at 21.15 and Tokyo Station at 22.10 and arrives at JR Nara Station's East Exit at 6.50 the following morning. Prices vary between 8,800 yen and 12,300 yen depending on the seat you book JR Bus is also a major operator on the Tokyo-Kyoto route, and you can make reservations in train stations at the same Midori-no-Madoguchi ticket windows used to reserve seats on trains. JR Buses depart from Tokyo Station - Yaesu Exit (八重洲口) and the JR Highway Bus Terminal (JR高速バスターミナル) located adjacent to Yoyogi Station on the Yamanote Line (one stop south of Shinjuku) The bus may be one of the cheapest option to take to go to Osaka/Kyoto compared to the shinkansen or plane but it takes longer to reach the destination (8 hours or so). If i remembered correctly, our tickets cost us about 4,600 yen. Takuto ordered the tickets for us so all we needed to do was to just show up at the bus area that was located at. Tokyo to Kyoto Buy Shinkansen Bullet Train Tickets. See All Available Routes See Kyoto to Tokyo. Home Things to do in Japan. Search Shinkansen Tickets. Return One Way. From. To. See All Routes. Depart Date. Select Depart Time. Return Date. Select Return Time. Participants. Adult. 1. Child (age 6-11) 0

Where can you buy Kyoto bus, subway and train passes: The best place to buy the passes listed on this page is at the main Kyoto Bus Information Center in front of Kyoto Station. Here's a rundown of the main special ticket passes in Kyoto: Kyoto Bus Only Passes City Bus All-day Pass. Adult: Y500 / Child: Y25 Airport Transfer and private tour in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Hokkaido, any cities in Japan. We can provide Bus, Limosine, Taxi, any type of charter vehicles for your airport transfers and sightseeing tours If you were in Tokyo before, you can also use your Suica card from there in Kyoto. A Kyoto Bus Pass costs 500 yen and is valid for unlimited bus travel for one day, which is worth it if you plan to take three or more trips. The bus pass is available at Kyoto Station, tourist information offices, and other major stations in the city area

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  1. Hi Leslie, I think there's one that leaves Kyoto Station at around midnight or 1am. When I also took the overnight bus from Osaka to Tokyo the first time, the bus left Osaka at 9pm and then it stopped and loaded passengers in Kyoto after, that's probably around 10pm. For a more reliable sked, check Willer Express. You can search on their.
  2. utes by free shuttle bus from Hachijo exit of JR Kyoto Station (Shinkansen exit) 7
  3. Buses start plying the route from 21:00 - you can also take a bus as late as 21:00. There are 1 available bus trips every day. Trains always run on a set schedule - there are 1 trains per day. Taxis are a good option to consider for this route, too. Book a cab to take you from Osaka to Kyoto any time of the day
  4. The fare is much cheaper than Sinkansen. [There are several bus companies that have a service between Tokyo and Kyoto. For example, in the case of JR Bus, which serves between Shinjuku (in Tokyo) and Kyoto, the fare is 8,180 yen.] It is not a very good idea to fly from Tokyo or Narita, because there is no airport in Kyoto
  5. e Onsen by bus. It takes 1 hour 10
  6. Getting to Kyoto from Osaka is not too complicated. Here's how you can travel between Osaka and Kyoto by train and by bus. There are four railway lines connecting Osaka and Kyoto: JR Shinkansen, JR Kyoto Line, Hankyu Railways, and Keihan Railways
  7. Shinkansen Ticket Online Booking : Kyoto to Tokyo for Adult from ¥14,100. Shinkansen Ticket Online Booking : Kyoto to Nagoya from ¥9,180. Shinkansen Ticket Online Booking : Kyoto to Hiroshima from ¥15,280. Shinkansen Ticket Online Booking : Kyoto to Shin-Kobe from ¥6,920

Expressway Bus of JR Bus Kanto linking various parts of Japan including Osaka, Kyoto from Tokyo, Shinjuku. We will offer relief, comfortable trip Called the Kyoto-Koyasan line, the limousine bus will be operated by the Nankai Rinkan Bus and Keihan Bus company and will run for 66 days from Kyoto station to Koyasan Oku-no-in between the periods of September 20 to November 24 2019 Kyoto Hop-on Hop-off Bus. We are the only hop-on hop-off sightseeing tour operator in Kyoto. Get access to our exciting routes, helping you plan where you'll explore around Kyoto

Dynamic Tokyo. 8 hours 30 minutes. Osaka. 3,000 JPY~ Amphibious Bus Osaka Duck Tour. About 1hours. Kyoto. 6,000 JPY~ Kyoto 1 Day Sightseeing Bus Tour. 10 hours 15 minute. Hiroshima. 15,000 JPY~ Hiroshima and Miyajima 1 Day Bus Tour. About 10hours. Okinawa. 5,200 JPY~ Okinawa Chura Island One-day Sightseeing Bus Tour. About 10hour 1,150 yen. Top of page. Seat reservations will be available from one month before the date of the trip (on the same date of the previous month) through Fuji Q call center or on web. All seats require reservation. Please board the bus after purchasing the tickets at a convenience store or the ticket window Tokyo Station Yaesu street / Sendai Station West Exit Bus Stop No. 22 / Sendai Office / Tokyo skytree North (Only upbound) Facilities/Service 3 Row-Seat 4 Row-Seat Restroom on bus Break Non-Smokin Check the direct bus timetable from Osaka and Kyoto to Matsumoto. Book your highway bus ticket through the ALPICO GROUP website. We also introduce recommended sightseeing and travel plans to Matsumoto

Premium Green Car : 3 row seats Bus. Buses traveling to and from Tokyo via Kamikochi are only Premium Green Car (3-Row Seats). Infant : Children below the age of 6, if accompanied by an adult and not occupying a seat, will be free of charge. Please buy a child ticket if you need seat occupation Kyoto is one of the oldest cities in Japan and was the capital for more than a millennium after its inception in 794 A.D. It was only after the Meiji Restoration, around 1868, that the Royal Family moved out of Kyoto into their new imperial home in Tokyo. As they moved to Edo, Kyoto remained for a while as a Western capital and was called Saikyo To encourage the use of local subway lines, the traffic bureau has also decided to raise the price of a one-day pass for the city bus from the current 500 yen ($4.7) to 600 yen on March 17 and cut the price of the one-day pass for co-use of city bus and subway systems by 300 yen to 900 yen 1 Week Japan Itinerary: Tokyo and Kyoto; 7 to 10 Day Japan Itinerary: Kyoto, Nara, Osaka and Hiroshima; 10 Day Japan Itinerary: Tokyo, Kyoto and Takayama; 10 Day Japan Itinerary: Tokyo, Kyoto and Kanazawa; 2 Week Japan Itinerary: The Grand Tour; Japan Itinerary For Traveling With Children; Japan Cherry Blossoms; Japan Autumn Foliag The one way trip from Tokyo to Kyoto by highway bus takes about 7-8 hours. There are daytime and overnight buses. The competition between bus companies on the Tokyo - Kyoto - Osaka route is fierce and has produced various discount offers

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Raku Bus 101 departs regularly from Kyoto Station from 8:00 AM to 04:30 PM with the following route:Kyoto Station → Nijo-jo Castle → Kitano Tenmangu Shrine → Kinkakuji Temple → Daitokuji Temple → Kitaoji Bus Termina In addition, Kyoto City Bus and Kyoto Bus One-Day Pass is useful, because it costs 500 yen for adults and 250 yen for children, and you can ride as much as you want with in the flat fare zone. You can buy this pass inside the bus, but there could be an instance when their stock is out, so it is better to buy before getting on the bus

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The trip from Tokyo to Kyoto could be broken into a couple of days to make things more pleasant. See an earlier post about this ticket on City-Cost here. Buses from Tokyo to Kyoto. Highway buses between Tokyo and Kyoto take around nine hours (day and night services available). In Tokyo, most departures are from Shinjuku (Busta) Station Willer Express Bus Between Tokyo and Kyoto. If you're on a tight budget, you can save a lot of money by taking a Willer Express bus between Tokyo and Kyoto. These buses take around 8 hours and cost about Y7,000. In Tokyo, these buses operate from the Willer bus terminal in West Shinjuku. In Kyoto, these buses operate from Gion Shijo Station

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Kyoto city has about 3,530,000 guests in 2017. Sometimes you can not get on the bus at the bus stop in front of the station. Kyoto citizens are overtourism that causes various problems for citizen in Kyoto Japan Kyoto京都 As of January 22, 2020 きょうと ↓ N Hachijo East Gate Shinkansen Hachijo East Gate 3F 2F 1F B2F To Tokyo To Hakata Waiting room Waiting room Waiting room Waiting room Train Information Kyoto Station North Police Box To Hotel Granvia Kyoto Bus Information Center Kyoto Bus Ticket Center PORTA JR busesJR Highway Buses City Bus Highway buses Keihan Kyoto Kotsu buse Kyoto Airport Transfer - Private car transfer from Kansai Int'l Airport to Kyoto downtown hotel Kyoto Limo Service - Rent car and driver in Kyoto downtown by the half-day, day or longer Kyoto Cruise Port Transfer - Pick-up at Kobe Cruise Port, Transfer to Kyoto Destinations and Return transfer to Cruise Por As a rule of thumb, fares for a weekday trip between Tokyo and Kyoto go for ¥4000-6000 per person during the daytime, and ¥5000-8000 per person for overnight trips. Children usually pay half the adult fare. Two of the major bus operators between Tokyo and Kyoto are Willer Express and JR Bus

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In the opposite direction, i.e. for a side trip from Kyoto to Tokyo, the similar Tokyo Train & Hotel Package is available from 24,000 yen. By highway bus. Direct, 7-8 hours, 2,000-10,000 yen one way, multiple daytime and overnight connections per day. The one way trip from Tokyo to Kyoto by highway bus takes about 7-8 hours City Bus Route: KYOTO Guide: Top > Bus and Train Info > Bus Timetable / Bus Stop Information. Bus Timetable / Bus Stop Information. Agency Name; Search Bus Stop by name. Search. A: Choose by route. Ronte Name. Note. PAGE TOP [ Contact ] NPO Pedestrian Friendly City Kyoto Forum. Mail: system@arukumachi-kyoto.jp ※We will respond to your inquiry. I assume Willer only accepts online reservation so to cut costs. You can reserve&buy JR Bus tickets for Osaka/Kyoto-Tokyo at the Bus Terminal and Tickets reservation offices (Midori no Madoguchi) at all major stations, but if you need to book during an especially busy season, book early.. Edited: 7 years ag Long distance bus tickets can be purchased at JR Expressway Bus at the bus terminal in Tokyo Station Yaesu Exit or online via bus company. Depart: 20:00 (Will arrive at around 7:35AM)/20:30 (Will arrive at around 9:10AM) From Shinjuku Station. JR Shinjuku Station is connected to BUSTA, the biggest bus terminal in Tokyo

Tokyo, Kyoto, Okinawa step up virus measures as infections rebound KYODO NEWS - Apr 12, 2021 - 11:47 | All , Coronavirus , Japan The governors of Tokyo, Kyoto and Okinawa enhanced their responses to the coronavirus pandemic Monday amid a resurgence of infections, less than a month after Japan fully lifted a second COVID-19 state of emergency Departure : Tokyo Destination : Tokyo Hotel Grade : Validity : 2019-01-03 ~ 2021-12-31 Tour Code : DOATYO00 Take a Kyoto tour with a knowledgeable local guide to discover the 'real' Kyoto - the Kyoto of your dreams. Walk with your guide around Old Kyoto, through winding alleys lined with traditional narrow wooden houses By Bus. There are no bus services linking central Tokyo with Nikko. There are direct buses going from Narita Airport to Nikko (3 hours, 45 minutes; 4,500 yen). From Haneda Airport, buses run to Utsunomiya Station (2 hours, 30 minutes; 3,600 yen), where a transfer to the JR Nikko Line is required and then a journey to Nikko (45 minutes; 760 yen)

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Travel to Osaka or Kyoto from Kansai International Airport in a hassle-free way. After an exhausting long flight, save yourself from transportation troubles; Book the bus ticket beforehand and enjoy the convenient one-way transportation service Trips from Kyoto to Tokyo are most popular in September, with the most tours doing this route then. Dates & length Places Filters. 5 Kyoto to Tokyo tour packages with 56 reviews View Map. In-depth Cultural. Classic Japan. 13 reviews We were very happy with this tour By bus from Kansai, comfortable limousine buses run from the airport to Kyoto Station, twice an hour, stopping at some of the major hotels along the way. From Itami Airport, the easiest way to get to Kyoto is by limousine bus No. 15. Once inside the city, the best way to navigate is by public transportation via bus, subway, bicycle rental or train 1a Travelling from Tokyo (Japan) to Kyoto (Japan). To travel in Japan by train, buy your ticket via the given booking links. It is also possible to buy your train ticket at a railway station at ticket machines (English language version available)

Buses in JapanMount Takao: Travel Guide with the JR Pass - Japan Rail PassKinugawa Onsen Travel: Nikko Edomura (Edo Wonderland)Tokyo Travel: Tokyo Water Bus

Ginkaku-ji is the last stop on our eastern Kyoto walking trail. We hope you enjoy exploring this incredible area as much as we do. If you've done enough walking for the day at this point you can easily catch a bus back to central Kyoto or the station from here Transfer by Limousine Bus is half price for children aged 6-12. It is free for children under 6, but a seat is not guaranteed.; The voucher is to be exchanged exclusively at counters of the Airport Limousine company, where you will receive a ticket with the date and time of departure.; List of counters for departures from airports: ; Narita Airport (Terminal 1 & 2 HyperDia-timetable is a service which offers the route and the timetable of the railway and the aviation within Japan. The route search corresponds to not only Japanese but also English and Chinese. In addition, this service possesses the golf course search function. And, our company offers and sells the traveling expenses adjustment system using the route searach function of HyperDia-timetable SAKURA HOUSE in Tokyo Japan June 5 · There are several ways to reach Sakura House in Kyoto, and for those arriving at Kyoto Station during the day, one of the best options is using the Kyoto city bus 101 For many, the easiest option to get from Tokyo to Mt. Fuji is the bus. Buses run regularly from three of Tokyo's main train stations to Kawaguchiko Station. It is affordable and doesn't take too long either. Shinjuku Station (Shinjuku Bus Terminal) to Kawaguchiko Station: Operator: Fujikyu and Keio Bus. Price: 1,750 yen. Frequency: 1/2 per.

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