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Explore games tagged weird on itch.io Find games tagged weird like Can A Cute Ghost Story Be Spooky?, The Baby In Yellow, How to Make a Cup of Tea, Peeb Adventures - Demo, I'm A Pencil on itch.io, the indie game hosting marketplace Find games tagged weird like Juice Galaxy (formerly Juice World), Therapy with Dr. Albert Krueger, WORLD OF HORROR, ElecHead, Oxenfree on itch.io, the indie game hosting marketplace Find games for Web tagged weird like How to Make a Cup of Tea, The pattern compliance test, This Game is a Dog, Carrot Hell, May I Take Your Order on itch.io, the indie game hosting marketplace

To get you started, here are a dozen of the best, weirdest, or just plain interesting indie games—both free and paid—that you'll find on Itch.io, but not on Steam. See larger image. Walkie. Weird Little Games. Weird Little Games. The Tale of the Greenhouse. A greenhouse simulation in a magical setting. Yrgo_Game_Creator. Simulation. Defender of the Relics. Defend the relics in the depth of the lost city of Atlantis. TrangN. Survival. itch.io · Community profile. 5 Disturbing Games Available on itch.io Right Now 1. Human Face Simulator. I'm one of those pathetic excuses for a human who can't stand the thought of the human body. 2. White Noise. The name says it all doesn't it? This game may seem like a cute little pixel fest of harmless clicks,... 3. I Woke.

Explore games on itch.io Find games like Friday Night Funkin', Gaming Late at Night, CHEF RAMSAY, Cold Shot, Nightmare Shift on itch.io, the indie game hosting marketplace. Browse Games Game Jams Upload Game Developer Logs Communit wf__games - itch.io Awkward Silence Games. Awkward Silence Games www.awkwardsilence.co.uk @Crap_Weasel. Awkward Silence Games is a one man independent game studio run out of a bedroom in the North West South East of England. I make kind of weird games. patreon.com/awkwardsilencegames Sometimes, the best stuff is the oddest. The games that really welcomed me to the art were Imogen, Repton and Adventure (Colossal Cave). The most recent game I played to death was Stardew Valley. I'm also fond of Faster Than Light, Fallout New Vegas, Angband, Half Life 2, and interactive fiction

Amazing game! I would love to see more in the future, specially with such a cliff hanger. lol, keep at it and work hard From a wild weird clime, that lieth, sublime, Out of Space - out of Time. DIRIGO Games. Creator of. SYSCRUSHER, DEPTHS of FEAR, STOWAWAY, and KINGDOM of the DEA A small game dev studio from Canada. Monster Match. Collect souls by matching monsters. WeirdDemonGames. Card Game. Play in browser. Tadpole Man. Avoid sweets and eat meats. WeirdDemonGames. Action. Play in browser. itch.io. Making games focused on weirdness :) I Have No Bathroom, and I must Shit. WeirdRikert. Survival. Rent a Tenant's Tale. Why pay it when you can play it. WeirdRikert. Role Playing. Graphics 1 (FREE) Free graphics for any project. WeirdRikert. itch.io · Community profile. Follow Weird Gamer; Weird Gamer. Weird Gamer. itch.io · Community profile.

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I started to make silly PC games with my friend (who sadly passed away a few years ago ) as U-GameZ back in 2008. I'm doing all the graphics, music, sounds and coding by myself, so it takes a while... Not all of our GameZ are on itch.io, so visit my homepage to see everything Un título de acción y pelea en el que unos carismáticos luchadores combatirán sin tregua contra el terrible Cockatice o medirán fuerzas entre ellos en una batalla jugador contra jugador en modo local The Weird One by Conor Hehr. Camille has made up her mind and plans to confess her feelings to a friend of hers. However, what she doesn't know is that this guy is much weirder than she thinks. Whatever choices she makes will have a huge effect on whatever universe she's in. Some decisions may allow her to continue to have a normal life but others. I make bfdi games and more games. account connected from GitHub. Among us: Earth. They Explore Earth. vidcon552. Survival. Weird Games. fart party. uhh kinda gross party. vidcon552. Action. Play in browser. EPIC KIRBO GAME. HAHA play now. vidcon552. Adventure. Play in browser. itch.io · Community profile.

cool dino games (weird itch.io games) - Complete Series - YouTube Indie Games Publisher, we are always searching for weird, strange and fantastic video games. Holmgang: Memories of the Forgotten. Zerouno Games. Action. Coffee Crisis. $8.19. itch.io · Community profile. Smaller Games. Possession: Escape from the Nether Regions (Gamejam version) A roguelike created in just 7 days where you play as a ghost who can possess other creatures in the dungeon. Weirdfellows. Role Playing. itch.io · Community profile. Recent community posts. hi no homo comments · Posted in hi no homo comments. TehWeirdGirl 165 days ag 58 original RPG adventures by a diverse, international collective in support of the Black Lives Matter movement

Fox purple-game.tumblr.com. Hello, My name's Fox, I'm 26 years old and I make weird games. GIF. PURPLE -Directors Cut--Demo out now!-Fox. Puzzle. The Phobia Project. Are you ready to face your fears? -DEMO-Fox. Puzzle-PURPLE-NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Fox. Puzzle. itch.io · Community profile. A dungeon crawling game about community and really weird magic. Jordan Palmer. Arcana Academy. $15. PbtA Magic School Mystery. Jordan Palmer. For the Dungeon! $15. Play the minions, not the heroes. An improv comedy RPG about the misfortunes of a career in dungeon security. itch.io · Community profile. A minute-long horror game about a childhood fear of mine. corpsepile. Simulation. Play in browser. Networking Event Simulator. Simulated conversation! Real frustration! corpsepile. Simulation. itch.io · Community profile. Help! I'm trapped in a weird game! GrumpyDragonGames. Platformer. itch.io.

Weird and stupid games. Weird and stupid games. A Colorful Tale. A Colorful Tale is a game where you try to stop Red Cat's evil! Weird and stupid games. Adventure. Blue cat 3D park adventure FUN!!! A fun adventure with cats! Weird and stupid games. Adventure. itch.io · Community profile. Weirdbit Games. Pixel Dodger. Dodge beams in this small fast action pixel smashup. Weirdbit Games. Shooter. Play in browser. itch.io. weird game. Run game. i had a lot of ambition with this game but had to stop at here because of my intermidiate exams . i hope you enjoy. More information. Status: Released: Platforms: Windows, HTML5: Author: rafidkhan: itch.io · View all by. What is Weird Weird West? It's a PbtA hack. For fans of cinematic RPGs and narrative-focused story telling. Very little focus on numbers or stats going up and down. Heavy focus on characters making interesting decisions. Light on setting, heavy on feel. Make the weird 1800s your own. Rules light: 10 Backgrounds. 3 Archetypes Weird game about avoiding dicks. Kruwu. Survival. Play in browser. itch.io · Community profile.

Artless Games. Artless Games store.steampowered.com... Terrible artwork since 2017. Dice Factory (prototype) Meant To Be A Witness Clone: The Witness Fangame. Meant To Be A Witness Clone. Artless Games. Puzzle. Dungeons & Disks. A weird physics-based and turn-based and semi-text-based dungeon crawler. Artless Games. Puzzle. itch.io. koro.games - itch.io. koro.games. koro.games is an independent game development team from Moscow, Russia. We make funny, sometimes weird, but always full of enthusiasm games. This is a list of small games we made on jams, hackathons and just for fun Stay weird, have fun~! Broke Brodie. Won't you help Brodie on his birthday? numituwi. Platformer. Pink Lens, Red Hands. Find love, or find murder. numituwi. Visual Novel Explore what's left of the ravaged city and find your way through surreal otherworldly areas that connect the broken urban shell. Encounter any other citizens who have survived and make contact with the strange entities that now inhabit this realm. Survive. Or be swallowed up by the city and forgotten forever

Tetrageddon Games is a web project. Most of it runs in the browser, and then eventually finds its way to your desktop. It's net-art as game, website-as-game... Itch.io is treated as part of the game, where pieces of the website are hidden across itch for you to find I'm on itch.io to play the awesome horror games that come out on the daily, and I have a youtube page that follows my gaming journey. Good Survival Horror The Heilwald Loophole (Demo Pucamuc is a platformer where you control Puck, who wants to get an iFone.The problem is that Puck cannot walk, he can only jump. To make the matters worse, the payment is done by blood, and his only source of blood is chickens and babies

The Dragon of Terzaville Who Got His Neck Broken in a Weird Accident A story driven musical game about a dragon, a princess and a prince who get entangled in each other's love lives. Bonte Avon Hey, what's your face? It's my face. *Kisses* I hope this is an accident. Oh, god- My friend and I never laughed so much Krunchy Fried Games - itch.io. GIF. Bunny Hill Horror: Bunny Boiler. $0. -100%. A Bizarro Horror Visual Novel Adventure. Krunchy Fried Games. Interactive Fiction. Play in browser Weird virtual pet game. walsh9. Play in browser. Chitinous Crooks. Retrieve the Jewel of Zot from the lobsterfolk. walsh9. Role Playing. Play in browser. GIF. Runjumpers. Generate random fantasy RPG characters. walsh9. Run in browser. itch.io · Community profile.

A GAME ABOUT They Bleed Pixels is a fiendishly difficult platforming slash'em up inspired by weird fiction and gothic horror. Spooky Squid Games Inc. Platformer. Odd Realm. Take control of a group of settlers to build a settlement that survives the passing seasons. itch.io · Community profile. I purchased and downloaded but it says that unityplayer.dll is not installed, but it was installed with the game AND I downloaded unityplayer.dll again but still nothing

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A selfless game about making others happy! JMAS. Simulation. ZONE. Create your own zones! JMAS. HAPPY ZONE. A selfess game about making others happy! JMAS. MAD WORLD Prototype(Christmas) A weird RPG. JMAS. Role Playing. itch.io · Community profile. Troya Games. Ruined. A quarky JRPG with a weird story. Troya Games. Role Playing. itch.io. Your boat is wrecked! Now you are a Castaway on a Weird Island! Castaway is a combination Brough-like and deduction game. Use your clues to deduce the safest path to freedom, or take a risk and fight your way off the island. Many strange creatures block your way, and much treasure is to be found Weird Fishes. There is no goal in this game, just chill out and enjoy. Please wear headphones for the best experience. Controls: Drag one finger/left click to lure fishes Drag two fingers or right click to frighten them. Credits: Design and coding: Claudio Scamporlino Music: Emanuele Toscano. Stats for nerds: There are 4096 fishes

I think I know what they are talking about, having a similar issue. I have to try multiple times when walking into items to actually pick them up (even though the text says I found it), and in order to change costumes, I have to mash the change key A really weird and experimental (and pretentious) game about [ ]. Find objects in a weird state of mind. Created by DerTobyy. Additional development help by Nolram. CONTROLS. W,A,S,D - Move. Shift - Run. E - Pick up item. More information. itch.io · View all by Tobyy.

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A prototype of holder incremental game set in the near future. Dreadpon. Play in browser. itch.io · Community profile. I love all kinds of games, Amnesiac Androids After the Fall. Brian Bình. Atlas of Dead Stars. $5. Maps for Necronautilus and other weird space games. Brian Bình. 0 hp. $1-50%. Epic Deaths for the OSR. Brian Bình. There Is One Goat. It is enough... Brian Bình. The Beast of Bremen. itch.io · Community profile. Ghostbutter is a label for weird, spooky-cute & fun games. It was founded by siblings Konstantin & Elenor Kopka. Wunderdoktor. $9.99. Ring the bell, meet the patients. Ghostbutter. Adventure. Ghost Talk (Amaze 2017) A short game for a talk we gave at the Amaze Indie Festival 2017. itch.io · Community profile. game.apk 2 MB. Leave a comment. Log in with itch.io to leave a comment. itch.io · View all by super weird wonder.

Make friends with a weird guy... This is a cute little game i liked the monster character. (BTW i liked the idea that he wants us to make a heart for him using the objects thats so adorable) he is so cute and the sounds he make :) (even cuter when he is angry ) Hi There - I'm Will, I like making games and occasionally they turn up on here. I make a lot of arcade/weird games. Have fun! email: wbursteve@gmail.com feel free to email any enquires :) Apsis. Survive as long as possible in the Hardcore Arcade Throwback. friendpatine itch.io · Community profile. Yeah, that one is really weird and it seems to happen more than expected. It's seriously one of my favourite games I've ever played - graphics, soundtrack, cool story, fascinating use of scale with progression, fun to control, and did I mention, itch.io · View all by Odrez.

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Weird Little Games - itch

  1. I like to make new puzzle games based on classic logic puzzles. Mine of Sight. Braincross. A picture within a puzzle. zblip. Puzzle. Play in browser. Pixoji. A weird picture puzzle. zblip. Puzzle. Play in browser. Q!blocks. zblip. Puzzle. Play in browser. Mathsweeper. zblip. Puzzle. Play in browser. itch.io · Community profile.
  2. Can you imagine the characters from A Hand in the Darkness, Chasing the Stars, and My Burning Heart as cats? And living in a cat café? Well, imagine no more, this is it! A Cat Café Story is a very short Visual Novel (just 7.5k words) with the fluffy version of our dear characters being themselves.Two endings and cuteness overload
  3. g. If for some reason you enjoy this game, please consider donating and/or following Weird Text Based Games

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Weird Little Games. These games were created for Jams or on a whim. They are small, silly, and cute Gullibleburger Games. The Anticlimactic Adventures Of Bob. become emotionally attached to a weird world. Gullibleburger Games. Role Playing. itch.io. Lovingly Weird Games I Stumbled Upon. GIF. Juice Galaxy (formerly Juice World) contemplative multiplayer game about death and acceptance. Pol Clarissou. GIF. VHS, 1986. a short horror game about VHS tapes you shouldn't be watching. papercookies. itch.io · Community profile. Oh hey. I make weird gaming videos and now I made a game! Zardy's Maze. Uh oh! There's pesky weeds growing throughout your cornfield! Better give them a good whacking! SwankyBox. Survival. itch.io.

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Bouncy Blackhole. A Bouncy (ball), game made in Gamemaker Studio 4.1 featuring a Blackhole sucking up planets for points. Cinos Install instructions. Download .zip file. Place in a folder on you desktop. Right click > Extract Here. Double click on Karlson.exe. Drink milk & Enjoy

Goblin Golf. Mini-golf style game about making trick shots to deal with those pesky goblins! Gedig. Puzzle. Play in browser. GIF V.S. WHITTY FULL WEEK - Friday Night Funkin Mod comments · Posted in V.S. WHITTY FULL WEEK - Friday Night Funkin Mod comment I have been finding people that wants to bring back there childhood video games and I'm not quite busy these days me and my friends work at my Discord Server which I call it a community. I put in props for video games and making sure they are in the right place for the setup. itch.io. Remember that weird dream ?... XRNZ. Platformer. GIF. PIXEL ISLANDS. Can you explore them all ? Let's find the best ones ! XRNZ. 3D First Person Puzzle/Platformer Game. XRNZ. Puzzle. SWITCH. XRNZ. Platformer. Play in browser. CHESS. XRNZ. Strategy. Play in browser. itch.io · Community profile.

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  1. Night Alone. A small fun game to celebrate Christmas Holiday. kemonoproject. Survival
  2. Totally trying to bring back the late 90s game by game, Dude! weird elements. Siactro. Platformer. Hungry Ducks. Feed the ducks, or end up as the food! Siactro. Simulation. Play in browser. Tasty Ramen. A psx like horror game about ramen! itch.io · Community profile.
  3. I know this is a very bad game becuase this is my first game ever, A weird fox game, A downloadable Fox game for Windows. I know this is a very bad game becuase this is my first game ever, It is just a fox with movement, Log in with itch.io to leave a comment
  4. A windswept, rain-soaked, bone-chilling post-apocalyptic weird science hellscape where the blood-pink sky never dims. tibbiusgames. Running Luck. An adventure game about characters exploring a dark, mysterious Wood. Yochai Gal. itch.io · Community profile.
  5. imalism, ambiguity and subtlety in all aspects of game development. Feel free to drop a comment with reactions to any of the games
  6. At Ishtar's Gate. A King's Field style adaption of Weird Tales. Jaybee. Adventure. COME ON! COME ON! COME ON! Escape the killer in a horror movie car scene! Jaybee
  7. A Weird Headbang Experience on VR. Sons of Earth Games. Draw & Fly. Sons of Earth Games. Puzzle. For Jams and Events. Thesus. Easy, tap and play game for the Global Game Jam 2017. Sons of Earth Games. Sports. Play in browser. itch.io · Community profile.

Awkward Silence Games - itch

  1. Short pixel-art horror game. qLes. Adventur
  2. e, you can see my latest progress update over on twitter. Below you will find more than a handful of games I've made, most come from a challenge I completed to create 12 games in 12 months itch.io · Community profile.
  3. A co-op card game about relationship maintenance. Erika Verkaaik. GIF. Crafting Consent. a 2-player craft project about consent. Erika Verkaaik. GIF. Bitsy Museum Hack. Open Bitsy files from within a Bitsy game - make a museum! Erika Verkaaik. Run in browser. itch.io · Community profile.
  4. Davila Games - itch.io. Follow Davila Games. Davila Games. www.davilagames.com.br@davilagames. This is the itch.io DAVILA GAMESpage! Visit our Website or follow us on Twitter
  5. Weird Fiction Tomas. weirdfictiontomas.tumblr.com @weirdfically. Name's Tomas. I make things for the internet. Sometimes the things I make for the internet are hosted on itch.io, so have a gander and lemme know whatcha think, ya hear? //I was feeling like a cowboy when I wrote this, I'm sorry, one off twine game about working in a super.
  6. Quick to pick up and play. Unlike most roguelikes, Possession doesn't require you to memorize dozens of weird key commands, or puzzle over confusing skill and ability lists before you start playing. Entirely playable with just the keyboard, just the mouse, or a combination of the two. Mod support
  7. Dr. Weird. A downloadable demo for Windows. Unzip the file and run the executable to launch the game. Requires an HTC Vive (with 2 motion controllers) Pull the trigger in your right hand to begin drawing, aim with your left hand, Log in with itch.io to leave a comment

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Controller, Experimental, Level Editor, Ludum Dare 37, Massively multiplayer, Minimalist, Multiplayer, Pixel Art, Text based, weird This one should be fun on its own. Link to Skelltuns 1, for if you can play it: Skelltuns by Happy Frog Games (itch.io) Like Skelltuns: A Game That You Play, Skelltuns 2 is a game that you play. And a weird game. But this one is taking games that you play in a bold new direction that surely everyone will enjoy! I don't wanna spoil as much. A weird horror game about being lost in the woods... and hunting for mushrooms. bitterkarella. Interactive Fiction. A puzzlingly humorous text game about a 1920s street urchin escaping a silly speakeasy. bitterkarella. Interactive Fiction. itch.io · Community profile. this is our GameJolt WitchCraftGames (@WitchCraftGames) - Game Jolt. Wobble Cube! WitchCraftGames. Platformer. Play in browser. itch.io. polymer despair - itch.io

Cherry by jagamesPerfect Pedestrian (Demo) by SmokeSeller

WeirdN - itch.i

  1. Idrelle Games. Idrelle Games idrellegames.tumblr.co... @idrellegames. I'm a playwright, theatre artist and streamer. I love fantasy, especially fantasy RPGs, and I am committed to creating an immersive, character-driven experiences within the genre. itch.io · Community profile.
  2. Very Weird by ReyGames This game is free but the developer accepts your support by letting you pay what you think is fair for the game
  3. Hollow World Games www.hollowworldgames.co... @HollowWorldGams. Operation Insanity. Challenging 5 level shooter I made while learning Unreal Engine. Hollow World Games. Shooter. itch.io · Community profile.
  4. Weather the game causes you frustration, sadness, moral quandary, or even somehow enjoyment, it has done it's job. Follow me, download these things here and help the world of these games come that much closer to merging with our own. itch.io · Community profile.
  5. g slash'em up inspired by weird fiction and gothic horror. Spooky Squid Games Inc. Platformer. Russian Subway Dogs. itch.io · Community profile.

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Mobile users: CLICK HERE to browse the themes. This is a follow up to the itch.io profile themes. These are a selection of some itch.io themes for your game pages. You can browse them in the embedded html file above An adult visual novel inspired by the game Last Of Us. Multiple endings with choices while playing. SadgeGames. Visual Novel. itch.io · Community profile. The Meanderthal #1 & The Red Mummy intermix games & comic books in a unique way. I also have a habit of really glitching out Battletoads! a weird platformer also comic story. z_bill. Platformer. Twenty Year Old Weird House. a weird platformer. itch.io · Community profile. Game Created for the Global Game Jam 2021 Fryon. Survival. The Heilwald Loophole (Demo) A dingy hospital, psychotic staff and a weird loophole. What can possibly go wrong? Jamathan. GIF. Cleaning Person. Clean houses and try stay above the poverty line. itch.io · Community profile. weird tetris < > arrow keys to move pieces. i had to remove the bit of code that clears lines because it made it easier to fit the code, and because i think it's near impossible? let me know if i'm wrong

Off-Peak by Cosmo DMr Red&#39;s Jolly Balls by Killmonday GamesRaft Coming to Early Access After Blowing Up on itch

WeirdDemonGames - itch

Digital Eel is a self/community-funded game development group based in the Seattle Washington area. Protagon. $4.99. Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space. $4.99. Digital Eel. Role Playing. itch.io · Community profile. Hello, I'm Innes! I make weird things from time to time. A slice of life visual novel set at a magic college - made for the Yuri Game Jam! Krispy Cat. Visual Novel. GIF. Code 7 - Episodes 2 & 3 Available Now. Goodwolf Studio. Adventure. itch.io · Community profile. We are Weird Johnny Studio, a small indie development team, Levels are still low, but in the future we will be the MVP! Games are our passion (duh) and we want to give people something that's fun to play, make them smile and encourage them to stay longer with us and blah, blah, blah Simulation. itch.io · Community profile. The itch.io app can be found on the Epic Games Store in its free section. It fits snugly next to other apps that Epic has been adding to its service. Spotify, iHeart, and itch.io certainly make.

Pixoji by zblipCursed Apocalypse by Ilumav

WeirdRikert - itch.i

With infinite levels (you can play this for ever), upgradeable weapons, hardcore mode, a unique visual style from artist Juan Ramirez, a weird fiction story by Brandon Sheffield (Street Fighter 30th), code by Jim Crawford (Frog Fractions), and music by Disasterpeace (Hyper Light Drifter), Gunhouse from Necrosoft Games will entertain the heck right out of you, maybe This is my first Mod Check out my friends mod its called Baldi's Weird Basics AND LOUD Sound BETA. Related games Related; Baldi's Cool And Weird Textures Basics. Log in with itch.io to leave a comment. Sabribilele100 16 days ago. That's weird and changed. Reply Related games Related; Dogness. A downloadable game for Windows and macOS. Dogs, Experimental, Mouse only, weird: Download. Download Now Name your own price. Click download now to get access to the following files: Dogness OSX 32 MB. Dogness Windows 29 MB. Dogness Linux 32 MB. itch.io. Play in your browser. Liberdade é um jogo bem curtinho que eu fiz enquanto dava uma aula de narrativa na uni, é sobre discurso e mídia

Weird Gamer - itch.i

A game made for the jingle game jam 2020 by Game Slayer This game is free but the developer accepts your support by letting you pay what you think is fair for the game

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