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Paul and Linda McCartney are constantly used as an example of a loving, committed relationship. With good reason. They spent three decades together and they were very open about their feelings for one another. Some of Paul McCartney 's best love songs, such as 'My Love' and 'Maybe I'm Amazed,' are inspired by his love for her By: María Isabel Carrasco Cara Chards - June 18, 2019 Linda McCartney was Paul's true love, muse, and inspiration, and these photos are evidence of their larger-than-life love story. Almost sixty years after the creation of The Beatles, the band and its members are still considered some of the best rock musicians in history gates 'sort of like cattle breaking through a fence'. 'Linda made a beeline for Paul, crouching at his feet by the fireplace and looking up into his face' Then, one night in May 1967, Paul, Dudley.. 10 Things You Didn't Know About Linda McCartney | Ultimate Classic Rock. Linda was into music very much, especially as a photographer. So Paul was attracted to the artist in her. He also became a vegetarian because of her, as she was one before him. In fact, she started a line of vegetarian dishes which were (are?) sold in markets

When she lost her fight against breast cancer in April, 1998, Linda McCartney was seen as a woman of endless compassion, who fought tirelessly against cruelty to animals. The image she unconsciously nurtured during 29 years of marriage with Sir Paul was one of a dedicated mother and wife, whose warmth inspired everyone who knew her Linda Louise McCartney, född Eastman den 24 september 1941 i Scarsdale, Westchester County, New York, död 17 april 1998 i Tucson, Arizona, var en amerikansk-brittisk fotograf och musiker.. Hon gifte sig med Paul McCartney den 12 mars 1969.Paret fick tre barn, Mary, Stella och James. Linda McCartney hade även en dotter i ett tidigare äktenskap, Heather Paul McCartney was one the most eligible of The Beatles' members when he first laid eyes upon Linda Eastman at the Bag O' Nails nightclub in London's Soho district in May 1967, where he had his own table. He attended the famous club after attending Brian Epstein's dinner party to celebrate the completion of The Beatles album Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band She reveals Sir Paul McCartney's first wife Linda was so unhappy at one point during their marriage that she talked about leaving him, The Mail on Sunday reveals today Underrated or overrated? Not applicable. For Linda McCartney was not a professional singer and IMO should not be subjected to rating as a singer. Whenever somebody criticized her singing, that she was out of tune, she'd be the first to say THAT'S.

Paul and Linda McCartney were #CouplesGoals before that was ever a thing. First connecting in 1967, the former Linda Eastman , a renowned rock 'n' roll photographer, and McCartney, a musician of some popularity, married in 1969 and were thick as thieves ever since, playing in Wings and raising children together Linda McCartney Dies at 56 Photographer, activist and Beatle wife, succumbs to cance Sir Paul McCartney bought his farm in Kintyre before he met Linda but it was her love of its wildness and freedom that created so many happy memories

Linda McCartney, who had shaved her head rather than having to see her hair fall out because of the drugs she was taking, was wearing a bandana. She took Morrissey and Stein on a tour of edible flowers in the gardens behind the house (I dropped out after chomping on something quite unpleasant), while Paul was tending to the barbecue There was no guarante e you were going to recover completely after that accident. Robert answered with a Linda McCartney reference: No, it was a hell of a time. It was such an important time in life where you need to have everything operating, you know. My wife and I, we had two kids It was a quiet private kind of grief. McCartney, now 77, and Linda, a native of Westchester, married in 1969. They had three kids together, Mary, Stella and James, and the former Beatle adopted..

The Incredibly Romantic Love Story Of Paul and Linda

Linda McCartney's Death 2 - YouTube. Linda McCartney's Death 2. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device Linda McCartney was born Linda Louise Eastman to an upper-crust family from Westchester County, New York. Although some may have presumed it to be so, she was not related to the Eastman family of Eastman Kodak fame, and never made any suggestion that she was. Her father, Lee (Epstein) Eastman was a prominent entertainment lawyer in New York City Who Was Linda McCartney? In 1967, Linda McCartney got the chance to work with one of the most adored rock bands of the era, the Beatles, and caught the eye of guitarist and vocalist Paul McCartney

Linda Louise McCartney, lady McCartney, (født Eastman 24. september 1941 i Scarsdale i Westchester County i New York, død 17. april 1998 i Tucson i Arizona) var en amerikansk fotograf og musiker.. Hun fotograferte rockartister og kom også til å fotografere for dobbeltalbumet The Beatles.12. mars 1969 giftet hun seg med The Beatles-medlemmet Paul McCartney Once, in Nigeria, when Wings were making Band on the Run, McCartney was surrounded by a gang of armed muggers and Linda made herself a human shield, ready to take the knife or bullet for him Paul McCartney has talked about losing his wife Linda, who was a musician, photographer and animal rights activist.. Linda McCartney died after a battle with breast cancer on April 17, 1998. She. リンダ・ルイーズ・マッカートニー (Linda Louise McCartney, 1941年 9月24日 - 1998年 4月17日 )は アメリカ合衆国 の 写真家 ・ ミュージシャン ・ 料理研究家 。. ポール・マッカートニー の初妻。. 1960年代中盤から後半にかけ、リンダ・ルイーズ・イーストマンとして ローリング・ストーンズ をはじめとする様々なロック・ミュージシャン専門のカメラマンとして. This is my third in a series on real life photographers as portrayed in the movies. Here we take a look at Linda McCartney. For a short period after high school, Linda Eastman attended the University of Arizona. However, she spent more time out in the Arizona countryside horseback riding, a passion since her youth

Paul McCartney on Linda's best photos: 'Seeing the joy between me and John really helped me' Linda Eastman captured a generation of rock stars before marrying a Beatle Previously unpublished letters written by Linda Eastman have been discovered, offering beautiful details of her romance with Paul McCartney. Eastman was an American photographer, and one of the first females to capture some of the most important musicians of the '60s, including the likes of The Rolling Stones, Aretha Franklin, Jimi Hendrix, and Bob Dylan Paul and Linda's last project together was an animated film, The Wide Prairie, about a modern woman who, like Linda, hoped for a more natural way of life. The McCartney family issued a moving statement after her death: Linda was not only kind and loving, she was also a courageous and pioneering woman who made stand after stand for those not as strong as herself

Paul McCartney's turbulent love life: Linda was out to

548. 548. Her marriage to Paul McCartney was one of pop's great love stories for almost 30 years. Now, previously unpublished letters written by Linda Eastman in the 1960s reveal her excitement. Linda was the pioneer in the family for vegetarianism, and the children have embraced her legacy. Stella's fashion range is entirely vegan and she, Paul and Mary together set up the Meat Free. At that time Linda, though not beautiful, or even pretty, was well put together, and somewhat attractive, she wore her hair parted to the side & wore make-up and looked attractive,(she let herself go completely once she bagged Paul though) like Paul she liked art, music, and pot, so they had common interest & once Paul & Jane split she really went after him A retrospective of her photography, 'Light from Within: Photojournals' was published posthumously. Photographer. Born in New York City, New York, she attended the University of Arizona where she was a Fine Arts major. She met her first husband John Melvin See, Jr. while at school. They had one daughter, Heather Linda Louise (Eastman) McCartney was born on September 24th, 1941 in New York City to Lee and Louise Eastman. She was the second of four children, and attended Scarsdale High School, Vermont College, Paul proclaims to like a bit of diced onion in his mashed potatoes

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  1. Linda McCartney's work was used on the cover of magazines such as Rolling Stone and her portraits of A-list artists such as The Beatles, Eric Clapton, and others became something of a signature
  2. Linda died in 1998 at age 56 after being diagnosed with breast cancer three years beforehand. McCartney said the loss left him in a state of constant grief for nearly a year
  3. DailyTelegraph March 17, 2009 1:53am. LINDA McCartney was so unhappy that she talked about leaving Paul McCartney and ending their marriage. The sensational claim was made yesterday by Peter Cox.
  4. Paul McCartney married Linda Eastman at Marylebone Register Office on 12 March 1969. Although the event was supposed to be a secret, many onlookers and reporters heard about it and turned up for a glimpse of the couple. The registry office had been booked the previous day, and McCartney had bought a £12 ring just before the shop shut

How Linda, the Sixties groupie, became a devoted wife and

  1. Paul McCartney has five children - Heather, Mary, Stella, James and Beatrice. McCartney adopted Heather, his oldest, when she was 5 years old, shortly after he married her mother Linda Eastman.
  2. Paul and Linda McCartney were one of rock music's most-loved couples, despite some of the controversy that came along with marrying a Beatle. They met at the Bag O' Nails nightclub in London in.
  3. g and fresh, her work displays a warmth and feeling for the precise moment that captures the essence of any subject
  4. Linda McCartney's World of Vegetarian Cooking: Over 200 . Amazon.com DA: 14 PA: 50 MOZ Rank: 90. Linda McCartney, during her travels around the world with Wings, put together a fantastic collection of what the world can offer vegetarians; So throw out the bland books, veggies, and get excited
  5. James McCartney: I didn't get on The spiritual singer, songwriter finally turned a corner when he saw a vision on the family farm in Sussex that felt like his mother Linda

Directed by Armand Mastroianni. With Elizabeth Mitchell, Gary Bakewell, David Lewis, Nicole Oliver. A dramatization of the life of Linda Eastman McCartney in her early years photographing for Rolling Stone magazine and rubbing elbows with much of Hollywood's elite. The story follows her meeting and falling in love with Paul McCartney, their marriage, and what followed Linda McCartney's photography covered an extraordinary range of styles from family to music, social commentary to nature. To celebrate Linda's work a combination of her best loved imagery and rarely seen photographs from her archive are published each week on Instagram

Linda's a sweetheart, adds McCartney band guitarist Robbie McIntosh. She's a great mother, she's great fun, she has a heart of gold and she keeps a very level head about the whole. Her death hit me hard. I remember thinking that if Linda McCartney, who was world famous, super rich, and had access to the best healthcare anywhere in the world, could die from cancer then anyone can. I felt the same way about Steve Jobs After Wings ended, Linda still recorded and performed with her husband, but she was now recognized as an activist for social causes, and for charity work. She launched a line of vegetarian frozen dinners. They became popular, and in time made Linda wealthy on her own. Paul McCartney was knighted in 1997, and Linda was named Lady McCartney Linda McCartney. Linda McCartney was a photographer who became widely known as the wife of Beatle Paul McCartney Linda McCartney, and her Photographs of Paul, The Beatles and Other Artists. These pictures are mostly from 'Linda McCartney: Life in Photographs', a rich, evocative low-key look at the human side of the celebrities we are set up revere - to watch but not always to see

Growing Up Falling Down - Paul McCartney (re-edit) - YouTube

The tape, isolating Linda McCartney's backing vocals to Hey Jude at a concert at Knebworth with sound engineers laughing, With all the slagging off she got, like the famous Knebworth tape Daytrippin': I've always felt Paul and Linda McCartney were role models for you and Hope in that rock'n'roll and family can be blended successfully. Were they role models? Juber: Absolutely! They were a wonderful example of how a husband and wife can work together. Linda was very much the Earth Mother; extremely unpretentious I met Paul McCartney at his studio for this interview as part of my research for the first edition of The Bass Book.In November 1994, my co-author Barry Moorhouse and I found ourselves motoring a few hours out of London to the converted mill in East Sussex that houses Macca HQ Linda McCartney, about whom they had been every bit as vicious, was canonised in retrospect. Nobody remembered the jibes - What d'you call a cow with wings? Linda McCartney Paul McCartney Dishes on His Vegetarian Holiday Meal Inspired by His Late Wife Linda The legendary songwriter may have meat-free festivities, but he still insists on having something to carve. By.

Inside Paul McCartney's Marriage To Linda Eastma

Sir Paul McCartney has spoken of his love for first wife Linda. McCartney revealed that in Linda's final days the doctor advised him not tell her she was dying More like this Paul Mccartney Kids Mary Mccartney Paul And Linda Mccartney Ohana Paul Mccarthy Photo Souvenir Beatles Photos Sir Paul Step Kids Beautiful pic of Beatle family: Paul and his grandson Arthur, son of Mary McCartney and Allistair Donald 'Linda McCartney's Family Kitchen' by @lindamccartney with Paul, @MaryMcCartney and @stellamccartney.Featuring over 90 plant-based recipes that save the planet and nourish the soul.⁣ ⁣ Years ago, before anyone had woken up to the idea of environmental and health and animal welfare issues, Linda was blazing the trail with vegetarianism, telling people about it and promoting it. In the.

McCartney marriage tapes exclusive: 'Linda wanted to leave

Discover short videos related to Linda McCartney on TikTok. Watch popular content from the following creators: Eve <3(@leanmeanbeanmachine69), Peyton (@twist.and.shout), Shorty (@longtallshorty), beatlesclips(@beatlesclips), beatlesclips(@beatlesclips) . Explore the latest videos from hashtags: #lindamccartney, #paulandlindamccartney, #mccartney, #paulmccartney, #slyflymccartney, #. Written by: Paul and Linda McCartney Recorded: 6 November 1970; 3, 11 January; 1, 9, 10, 12 March; 7 April 1971 Producer: Paul and Linda McCartney Released: 21 May 1971 (UK), 17 May 1971 (US) Paul McCartney: vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, piano, xylophone Linda McCartney: backing vocals Hugh McCracken: acoustic guitar, electric..

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Biography. McCartney was born in Tucson, Arizona, US to Linda Eastman (later McCartney) and Joseph Melville See Jr. (April 19, 1938 - March 19, 2000), an American geologist. Her parents separated after 18 months of marriage, and her mother married Paul McCartney in 1969, when Heather was six years old Like Mary, Stella McCartney is also one of Linda and Paul's children together. The blonde beauty hasn't had a hard time coming out from behind her father's shadow as she is a major designer.

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Among the four, McCartney had the longest marriage (to Linda McCartney), although Ringo Starr is still married to his second wife (and has been since 1981). On 28 October 2003, a daughter named Beatrice Milly was born to Paul and wife Heather Mills And Ziggy didn't look like a drag version of Linda, he looked like Linda. Michelle April 18, 2020 at 11:31 pm - Reply @RexS, it's follows the stars not studies the stars, and I always thought that line in Venus and Mars was about John's fascination with astrology at the time and certain decisions of his being based on that (even though it seemed to be mostly Yoko's weirdness) Linda McCartney Foods was created by Linda McCartney in 1991. They make vegetarian and vegan meat-substitutes such as pies, burgers, sausages, sausage rolls, meatballs, and pastas. Although the McCartney family stays involved in its development, the company is now owned by the Hain Celestial Group, which is not a vegan company, and which also owns Yves and Westsoy Inspired by partnerships like Leiber and Stoller, he would later suggest that all of the songs they wrote would be credited to Lennon-McCartney, whether they had worked together on it or not Linda McCartney (Nova Iorque, 24 de setembro de 1941 — Tucson. 17 de abril de 1998), batizada com o nome de Linda Louise Eastman, foi uma fotógrafa dos Estados Unidos, da editora Rolling Stone Magazine, musicista e ativista dedicada a divulgar abusos contra os animais. Tornou-se famosa mundialmente ao casar-se com Paul McCartney em 12 de março de 1969, na ocasião, o baixista do grupo de.

A letter from John Lennon and Yoko Ono to Paul McCartney and wife Linda is up for sale at auction, with bidding expected to reach $20,000 (£16k).. The undated letter sees Lennon responding to. Linda McCartney, the nocturnal North-eastern quadrant, consisting of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd houses, prevails in your chart: this sector favours self-assertion and material security to the detriment of your perception of others. You consider self-transformation to be a hazardous adventure

533 Likes, 23 Comments - Meat Free Monday (@meatfreemonday) on Instagram: A cookbook bursting with #MeatFreeMonday inspiration coming soon! 'Linda McCartney's Famil The fashion designer Stella McCartney, the daughter of Paul and Linda McCartney, presents her third pillar fragrance called Pop, aiming at the generation of millennials. Her first fragrance Stella from 2003 experienced a great success and many re-editions. Her other perfume launched in 2012 as L.I.L.Y., inspired by her memories of childhood The public went through a series of mood swings with Linda - she was hated and loved, admired and reviled, able to get her messages across and wildly misunderstood. If you knew her, you adored her; of that there was no question (well, there were some battle royals with a few old friends when she appeared to have abandoned them on the occasion of her marriage to Beatle Paul McCartney in 1969; we'll go into that later) Linda was not afraid to take chances in life, and seemed to dive in full force with anything she set out to do. When I found out that Linda was going to be in Wings, my admiration for Paul soared. There was alot of mud-slinging towards Paul for putting his wife, who had no musical training, in his new band. I thought ,Oh my God

Laine is quick to defend Linda McCartney, who died of cancer in 1998. Well, I liked Linda a lot, Laine said. She was a great influence on him, so that made it easy on me I was coming out of my shell a little bit, because I had thought that I was going to be, like, a monk. Linda was my only love, and it was very unlikely it was going to happen again, so I thought. Lennon believed McCartney to have publicly broken the news to announce his new record. In a 2016 interview with BBC's Radio 4 Mastertapes, McCartney revealed that he maintained sporadic contact.

Stella McCartney, 48 Like Mary, Stella McCartney is also one of Linda and Paul's children together. The blonde beauty hasn't had a hard time coming out from behind her father's shadow as she. Like her parents and half-siblings, McCartney is a vegetarian and passionate about animal rights. [5] In 1999 McCartney launched a line of houseware products called the Heather McCartney Houseware Collection

Linda McCartney Dies at 56 - Rolling Ston

Men den kanske tydligaste indikationen går att finna på en bil parkerad utmed gatan. På registreringsplåten står bokstäverna 28if LMW, alltså 28 år om han hade levt idag, och Linda McCartney Weaps. Huruvida Paul McCartney är vid liv eller inte låter jag vara osagt. Ryktet säger att han haft ganska roligt åt konspirationsteorin His hands are all over the place. Or, He's playing an Epiphone acoustic. He's a Beatle - couldn't he afford a Gibson J-200, or a Martin? But I also would have admitted that McCartney's playing, for all its inelegance, was spot-perfect and beautifully conceived, with flowing chord changes effortlessly anticipated by bass runs

18 Photos That Will Make You Want To Party Like It's 1979 Betty White was still the coolest, rock stars played sports together and The Beatles hung out with The Rolling Stones. Here are 18 images that will take. Browse a collection of Linda McCartney's family photography which capture both public and intimate moments with Paul, Mary, Stella, Heather and James The world through Linda's eyes A retrospective of Linda McCartney's life and photography In 1966, during a brief stint as a receptionist for Town and Country magazine, Linda Eastman snagged a press pass to a very exclusive promotional event for the Rolling Stones aboard a yacht on the Hudson River. With her fresh, candid photographs of the band, far superior to the formal shots made by the.

More often than not, McCartney's contributions would make the cut. Lennon was somewhat jealous over this, making statements like, 'I Am the Walrus' was the B side to 'Hello, Goodbye' Paul McCartney has a major connection with Tucson, Arizona. His first wife, Linda Eastman, attended the University of Arizona, where she studied art history and developed an interest in photography. In 1969 Paul and Linda married. During the same year, the Beatles recorded the song Get Back, with the lyrics mentioning Tucson År 18-6-1942 Föddes Paul McCartney (Smeknamn: Sir Paul) Liverpool, Merseyside, England. Sonen till far James Jim McCartney och mor Mary Patricia McCartney är som musiker under 2021 känd för The Beatles.Paul McCartney's stjärntecken är Tvillingarna och han är nu 78 år gammal Find Linda McCartney bio, music, credits, awards, & streaming links on AllMusic - The wife of Paul McCartney, Linda McCartney no En spännande utställning där kopplingarna mellan förr och nu skapar en känslomässig och inspirerande resa som låter oss färdas tillsammans med framlidna Linda McCartney och Mary McCartney genom deras händelserika liv. UTSTÄLLNING

Paul McCartney's Ram is a domestic-bliss album, one of the weirdest, earthiest, and most honest ever made. What 2012's ears can find is a rock icon inventing an approach to pop music that would. The highly glossy sleeve has artwork by Paul and photographs by Linda. The images include two beetles mating, and a very pointed picture of two clowns in Bags. Hidden on the front cover in the right-hand wavy design are the letters L.I.L.Y. - Linda I Love You Cooking for six people every day is like... - Linda McCartney quotes from BrainyQuote.co

Paul McCartney: 'I cried for a year when Linda died' - BBC

By Luke Morgan Britton. 15th November 2016. A letter from John Lennon and Yoko Ono to Paul McCartney and wife Linda is up for sale at auction, with bidding expected to reach $20,000 (£16k) By then Linda McCartney had died of breast cancer. Paul said at his acceptance: She really wanted this, holding up the trophy. Stella McCartney, their daughter, wore a T shirt that read.

I read in some book that Linda and Paul's love story wasn't as magical and perfect as it is said to be. In so many ways, she was just like Yoko Ono. Apparently she was determined to marry a Beatle, had Paul's photo hanging on her bathroom's door and pursuied him while he was still with Jane Asher Det är inte första gången McCartney ställer krav på sina anställdas matvanor. När han skulle spela på Mosaic Stadium under sin kanadensiska turné krävde han att alla serverades enbart vegetarisk mat. Inte heller är han ensam om kravet. Bland annat har Morrissey avbrutit spelningar på grund av köttdoft Paul McCartneys son James, 35, började med droger då hans mamma Linda dog av cancer 1998. I en intervju med tidningen Mirror berättar nu Beatles-medlemmens son om den svåra tiden som följde och hur han gled ifrån sin pappa. - När jag var 20 så dog min mamma och jag spårade ur litegrann Paul McCartney spent his immediate post-Beatles years stoned and shaggy on a farm in Scotland. Truth be told, he never looked better. Here's why Paul in the '70s was the most stylish Paul of.

This Day Tonight: Paul McCartney (1975) - YouTube

Linda McCartney The Biograph

The fashion designer Stella McCartney (the daughter of Paul and Linda McCartney) launches her second fragrance. The first one, Stella from 2003, had a lot of limited editions and flankers, so for 2012 an entirely new concept was finally developed - a fragrance named L.I.L.Y. for women. Pop by Stella McCartney is a Floral Woody Musk fragrance for women. Pop was launched in 2016. Top notes are Tomato Leaf, Green Mandarin and Violet Leaf; middle notes are Tuberose, Frangipani and Violet; base notes are Musk, Sandalwood and Cedar. The fashion designer Stella McCartney, the daughter of Paul and Linda McCartney, presents her. Jet was the name of a black Labrador that Paul McCartney and his wife Linda owned; the dog provided the title for the song. The McCartney's owned a variety of animals, and at the time their brood included a Golden Lab named Poppy, a Dalmatian named Lucky, and the old Sheepdog Martha (from the Beatles song Martha My Dear). Jet was chosen not because he was Paul's favorite, but because the.

Paul McCartney dated Dorothy 'Dot' Rhone for three years, after which he proposed to her. However, they broke up and he started dating actress Jane Asher in 1963 - she inspired him to write the hit single Yesterday, and they engaged in 1967, but went their separate ways in early 1968 It's the only album credited to Paul & Linda McCartney. Linda was a photographer, not a musician, when she met Paul. But he taught her to play piano, and she sang backing vocals on Ram

Paul McCartney and Jane Asher (40 Photos) – Page 2 – ThePaul Mc Cartney & the Wings - Mull Of Kintyre - YouTube#ThrowbackThursday (2020) | PaulMcCartneyNothing Seems As Pretty As The Past: Get a dose of them in

Mike McCartney's Early Liverpool is limited to only 2,000 copies worldwide, each signed by Mike McCartney. Quarter bound in black cloth, the Collector cover features an original stencil by McCartney, created for a poster advertising an early Beatles gig at the Casbah, rendered in gold foil blocking Paul McCartney is an English musician and a former member of the legendary music band 'The Beatles'. This biography of Paul McCartney provides detailed information about his childhood, life, achievements, works & timelin Paul Mccartney, Linda Mccartney Skivbolag: Concord Genre: Pop & Rock Format: CD Katalognummer: 088807233449 Serienummer: 0706093. McCartney had 19,000 advance orders in the U.K. which meant it entered the L.P. chart in the top ten, and once people heard how good it was, it soon rose to number 2 the following week. It was kept off the top spot by the top-selling album of the year (also one of the all-time top selling albums We consider Linda Eastman to be the key link between Paul McCartney and Neil Young. Linda Eastman -- who went on to become Ms. Paul McCartney -- photographed Neil Young in 1967. A photo from the session was used for the cover of Young's Sugar Mountain, a live recording from the Canterbury House, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 9th & 10th November 1968 Ram (Archive Collection) - Album by Paul McCartney, Linda McCartney | Spotify. Privacy Preference Center. When you visit any website, it may store or retrieve information on your browser, mostly in the form of cookies. This information might be about you, your preferences or your device and is mostly used to make the site work as you expect it to

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