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How to Use VLOOKUP to Return Multiple Values? VLOOKUP to Return Multiple Values. We all know that Vlookup in excel is used to lookup the exact or approximate match and we have all been doing this on our regular tasks. Vlookup looks up the value from the selected table range and returns the exact match as per the cell value it maps. But when we have multiple values in a table which are duplicate then we would only get the first value from the lookup range Enter the Table Array Argument. Nest the COLUMN Function. Enter the VLOOKUP Range Lookup Argument. Copy the Lookup Formula and Enter Criteria. By combining Excel's VLOOKUP function with the COLUMN function you can create a lookup formula that returns multiple values from a single row of a database or table of data The VLOOKUP function is designed to return only a corresponding value of the first instance of a lookup value, from a column you choose. But there is a workaround to identify multiple matches. The array formulas demonstrated below are smaller and easier to understand and troubleshoot than the useful VLOOKUP function Excel Vlookup to Return Multiple Values One of the key functionality of the VLOOKUP function is that it will work for unique values, and if there are any duplicate values, then whatever first found value will be returned for all the other lookup values as well. This is one of the key things we need to keep in mind while applying a VLOOKUP formula In default, VLOOKUP function can return multiple corresponding values in the vertical level in Excel, in some cases, you may want to return multiple values in horizontal level as below screenshot shown. Here I will tell you a formula can solve this task. VLOOKUP and return multiple values horizontall

VLOOKUP to Return Multiple Values Function with Example

The Excel VLOOKUP function by default allows you to find only a single match and will return the corresponding row of a selected column value. What if you want to find VLOOKUP multiple matches, not just the first one? In this post let us explore this more complicated scenario. Instead of VLOOKUP however we will use INDEX and MATCH Vlookup and concatenate multiple matching values in a cell with Kutools for Excel If you have Kutools for Excel, with its Advanced Combine Rows feature, you can quickly finish this job with ease. This feature can help you to combine all matching values with a specific delimiters based on the same data in another column VLOOKUP function with multiple criteria searches for the lookup value in the first column of the given array/table. If you want to search the VLOOKUP function with multiple criteria, such as value1 from the 1 st column and value2 from the 2 nd column, you need to add an additional column for the search

How to use VLookup to get multiple values from a data table with VBA automatically.Details: https://www.exceltrainingvideos.com/how-to-use-vlookup-to-get-mul.. Vlookup to return multiple values into one cell with TEXTJOIN function (Excel 2019 and Office 365) If you have the higher version of the Excel such as Excel 2019 and Office 365, there is a new function - TEXTJOIN, with this powerful function, you can quickly vlookup and return all matching values into one cell Vlookup value with multiple criteria with INDEXT and MATCH function In Excel, the mixed INDEXT and MATCH function is powerful for us to vlookup values based on one or more criteria, to know this formula, do as follows Sub getValues() Range(I6).Select ActiveCell.Formula = =VLOOKUP($L$2,$A$5:$E$12,{1,2,4,5},0) Range(I6).AutoFill Destination:=Range(I6:L6), Type:=xlFillDefault Range(I6:L6).Select Range(A3).Select End Su

Find Multiple Fields of Data with Excel VLOOKU

  1. Vlookup To Return Multiple Columns From Excel Table In Excel worksheet, you can apply the Vlookup function to return the matching value from one column. But, sometimes, you may need to extract matched values from multiple columns as following screenshot shown
  2. Use INDEX to lookup multiple values in a list Excel's VLOOKUP function is excellent when you want to find a value in a table based on a lookup value. But if your table includes your lookup value multiple times, you'll find that VLOOKUP can't do it
  3. Multiple corresponding values (of the lookup value Apples) will get copied down vertically, starting from cell B11 till B17. To get the multiple corresponding values horizontally, in one row, just make one change in the formula, by replacing ROW(1:1) to COLUMN(A1), and then copy the formula horizontally in the same row to the right columns, from Cell B11 to H11, in 7 columns (Refer Table 6)

INDEX-MATCH or VLOOKUP to return multiple values in Excel When you want to look up a value in a table based on another cell, you can use VLOOKUP function. But there is a problem with this function. It returns only one result even if more meet the criteria VLOOKUP with Multiple Results To lookup multiple matches with the VLOOKUP Function you need to create a helper column within the table of data. The helper column uses the COUNTIF Function to create a unique ID for each instance. The helper column must be the leftmost column within the data set Vlookup however has one limitation because Vlookup only returns one value at a time. To use Vlookup for returning multiple values, you need to either use multiple instances of the Vlookup formula or you need to use an array formula. This tutorial will show you how to use the array formula to lookup multiple values within a table where values.

Get Multiple Lookup Values in a Single Cell (With

According to the above data, our formula to retrieve multiple values in excel will be : {= IFERROR ( INDEX ($C$2:$C$14, SMALL ( IF ($G$1=$A$2:$A$14, ROW ($A$2:$A$14)- ROW ($A$2)+1), ROW (1:1))),No more value)} This is an array formula. Don't use just Enter after typing the formula. Use CTRL + SHIFT + ENTER together How to return multiple values using vlookup in excel and removing duplicates? I have tried the formula to return multiple values using the index example and worked fine with none duplicate item but how can i list them without the duplicate? Answer: The following array formula is easier to understand than a VLOOKUP formula. Update, 2017-08-16 VLOOKUP can return a value from a single column, but we can easily return multiple column values with Power Query. To do so, just click the Expand icon on the right side of the Detail column header, or the Transform > Structured Column > Expand command. You'll be able to pick one or multiple columns to return from the detail table VLOOKUP to Get multiple Column value with single commandWhen you want to searching information from a large table, VLOOKUP function is a best solution.When. How to search for multiple Lookup values and return multiple results using VLOOKUP and INDEX+MATCH combo is explained in this video.Topics explained(00:20) H..

VLOOKUP is one of Excel's most powerful function, but often times it falls short of what we need. For instance, if a matching value has many different return.. Excel VLOOKUP Multiple Columns - Combine VLOOKUP with Sum, Max, or Average to get the aggregated value from multiple columns in just a few steps! SEARCH. Start Here; Learn. Excel Podcast. Listen to John Michaloudis interview various Excel experts & MVPs to get their inisghts & tips VLOOKUP function returns a corresponding value of the first instance in a lookup value. The function searches specific value defined and returns the matching value in another column. The VLOOKUP function, just as the name looks up a value in the first column of a specified range of cells and then returns the results on the same row from another column

For the detailed explanation of the formulas, please see: XLOOKUP with multiple criteria; INDEX MATCH formula with multiple criteria; How to use VLOOKUP to get 2 nd, 3 rd or n th match. As you already know, Excel VLOOKUP can fetch only one matching value, more precisely, it returns the first found match Deduce the first value by pressing together Ctrl + Shift + Enter keys. Click the fill handle and drag down to get vlookup multiple values as you desire. Vlookup multiple values horizontally. You can follow the procedure in this section if you want to display the results of your vlookup horizontally. Here is the array formula Now there are two ways you can get the lookup value using VLOOKUP with multiple criteria. Using a Helper Column. Using the CHOOSE function. VLOOKUP with Multiple Criteria - Using a Helper Column. I am a fan of helper columns in Excel. I find two significant advantages of using helper columns over array formulas

But what if you want to VLOOKUP multiple matches? Use this simple trick instead. Multiple matches in Excel lookups. The problem is simple as illustrated below. Say you have a bunch of dates & locations. You want to find out corresponding date(s) for a location. If you use either VLOOKUP or INDEX+MATCH, you just get the first date, but you want them all The method of using combined criteria in VLOOKUP is simple. When we combine two columns into one it gives us unique values. Just think this way, we have the name John three times in our data. But when we join names with their class we get a unique value for each name. For example, JohnClass-IX, JohnClass-VI, and JohnClass-II

Using VLOOKUP with multiple values The VLOOKUP function is one of the most useful capabilities within Microsoft Excel. It's an important tool within any seasoned pro's arsenal, and is one of the first advanced functions that most beginners learn. But sometimes, a simple lookup is not enough Yes they are the same. I does work with vlookup but I want to be able to return multiple values. This is my vlookup function in another cell and it does work. =VLOOKUP(D4,Data!A4:B378,2,FALSE Linda asks in this post: How to return multiple values using vlookup in excel I tried using the formula above but it didn't work for me and I can't figure out how to adjust it to accomodate my needs Vlookup multiple sheets with INDIRECT One more way to Vlookup between multiple sheets in Excel is to use a combination of VLOOKUP and INDIRECT functions. This method requires a little preparation, but in the end, you will have a more compact formula to Vlookup in any number of spreadsheets. A generic formula to Vlookup across sheets is as follows 1. If the Project IDs are numeric and are true numbers, then use SUMIFwith wildcards: =SUMIF(A:A,*&C2&*,B:B) If the project IDs aren't necessarily numeric, you could use an approach like the following: =INDEX($B$2:$B$14,SUMPRODUCT(--ISNUMBER(SEARCH(C2,$A$2:$A$14))*ROW($A$1:$A$13))) Share. Improve this answer

I tried the following formula on excel but didnt work when the looking value has more than one value separated by semicolon. =VLOOKUP($A1;$A$13819:$D$63379;COLUMN(A:A);0) Where $A1 is the UMLS CODE and $A$13819:$D$63379 is all the data to match with UMLS CODE. Pictures from UMLS codes: Picture from UMLS data Is it possible to get an Excel VLOOKUP to pick out the most recent date where it finds multiple lookup values: e.g. this is what I have at the moment: =IFERROR(VLOOKUP(A$1:A$5635,'RSA Report'!A:V.. These two functions are now going to get for us the largest value in our data set. Generally, the formula for obtaining the maximum value from the excel sheet we have created will be; =VLOOKUP (MAX (A2: A7), A2: B7, 2, 0).To explain this formula, there are two columns, A and B. We will do a data search from column A and cell A2 to column B cell B7 If there are multiple rows in your sheet with the same information, you'll only get the first one. If you need to use two or more conditions to match a specific piece of data, you're out of luck. Fortunately, Excel has a pair of functions called INDEXand MATCHthat can help produce the same results as VLOOKUPwith multiple criteria

To use VLOOKUP with multiple criteria, we follow these steps: Step 1. Select cell H4. Step 2 Re: Using VLOOKUP to get multiple values from another sheet. My first thought is to either have a size column following B and C so each row can only have a single column for each size (and you wouldn't need sever columns for sizes, you could have size codes 1-7 or us the alphanumeric text) SituationWe know that VLOOKUP formula is useful to fetch the first matching item from a list. So what would you do if you need 2nd (or 3rd etc.) matching item from a list?For eg. If you have below data, and you want to find out how much sales John made 2nd time, then VLOOKUP formula becomes quite useless. Or is it?!? Read more to find how to solve this I want to use vlookup() for a given area code like 620 and get Kansas. please note that all the values in a row are stored in one cell (i.e. 270, 502, 606, 859 are stored in one cell) excel vlookup vb Sometime during working on Excel sheet you need to use a VLookup to get values for Multiple columns. Most of person try to get the result which match the condition in normal process then your most of time consumed. If you don't have enough time then you must have to use VLookup function in Excel to lookup the value

Follow these steps to perform a VLOOKUP of multiple values and return the results in a row. 1. Click on the Multiple values-row worksheet tab in the sample file The Lookup_value accepts only one search criteria or term. To search for multiple criteria, extend the Lookup_value by concatenating, or joining, two or more cell references using the ampersand symbol (&). In the Function Arguments dialog box, place the cursor in the Row_num text box. Enter MATCH ( Then, you can use a VLOOKUP that finds the RecordID stored in A1 in the lookup range to return the society name. You could even combine the SUMIFS and VLOOKUP in a single formula with something like this: =VLOOKUP(SUMIFS(sum_range, criteria_range1, criteria1, ), lookup_table, 5, 0) Hope this idea helps! Thanks Jef

The Ultimate Guide To VLOOKUP - Multiple Lookup Values

While using the VLOOKUP function in Excel, we will often need to lookup a value based on two criteria. This is possible by modifying the lookup value in the standard VLOOKUP function. In this tutorial, we will learn how to apply VLOOKUP with two criteria. Figure 1. Final result. Syntax of the VLOOKUP formula. The generic formula of VLOOKUP. If I got you right, please check out this article to learn how to VLOOKUP multiple values in Excel with one or more criteria. To help you write your formula, describe in detail the result you would like to get from your data. Reply. Shiva says: December 7, 2020 at 11:31 am VLOOKUP can fetch the first value found in the table for duplicate lookup values. Combining values will give us a unique lookup value, so we can get an accurate result. Instead of using an underscore as the combining character between two values, you can use anything, and the same needs to be used in lookup value as well I was also struggling to get this working in Excel 2010 and eventually discovered that the VLOOKUP function cannot look up values to the left of the lookup column, so make sure your lookup value (ItemNum in the example) is the left-most column. The workaround is to use the INDEX MATCH function which is more versatile. See here VLOOKUP from Different Sheets. In general, we will get data in multiple worksheets, and having all the information in the single sheets itself is not possible in 99% of the cases. When the data scattered to different worksheets, it is not that easy to move between sheets and pull the data from different sheets

Master VLOOKUP Multiple Criteria and Advanced Formulas

5 easy ways to VLOOKUP and return multiple value

The VLOOKUP function uses lookup value AA-1611 in cell B3 and searches Table1 (cell range B6:E18) in the leftmost column. A matching value is found on row 16. The third argument is which column you want to fetch the corresponding value from. In this example column 4 is entered and £30.00 is returned in cell C3 The formulas used are: For the first condition, I have selected 'No Color' for fill: For the second condition, the formula is: =NOT (MOD (ROW (),2)) - Choose a white fill AND complete Border around the cell. For the last condition, the formula is While working in Excel, we often need to get values from multiple tables. This is possible by using VLOOKUP and IF functions. In this tutorial we will learn how to pull values from several tables, using VLOOKUP function with multiple lookup tables

VLOOKUP to Return Multiple Values Step by Step Guid

For VLOOKUP, this first argument is the value that you want to find. This argument can be a cell reference, or a fixed value such as smith or 21,000. The second argument is the range of cells, C2-:E7, in which to search for the value you want to find. The third argument is the column in that range of cells that contains the value that you seek Use the VLOOKUP function to look up a value in a table. Syntax. VLOOKUP (lookup_value, table_array, col_index_num, [range_lookup]) For example: =VLOOKUP(A2,A10:C20,2,TRUE) =VLOOKUP(Fontana,B2:E7,2,FALSE) =VLOOKUP(A2,'Client Details'!A:F,3,FALSE Vlookup to return max value from multiple hits in Excel Hi, can anyone help me with the below... Im looking for a vlookup formula which will give me the maximum number from a list which contains multiple matches, i.e. Lookup number 1 from column A, then give me the largest number from column B example table: A B-----1 5 2 2 1 11 3 2 4 In this video, we'll set up XLOOKUP to return multiple values in a dynamic array.. In this worksheet, we have an example we looked at previously. On the left we have quantity-based discounts, and on the right, we have some random quantities Excel Tips Index; VLOOKUP with Multiple Results; January 15, 2018 - by Bob Umlas Examine this figure: Sample Data. This formula is filled down far enough to get all the values. That will get you the row numbers where all of the North records are found

How to VLOOKUP and return multiple corresponding values

This is illustrated in the screenshot below, where we enter a TransID such as 10578 and Excel computes the Total (1,076.36 = 1,006 + 10 + 60.36). Since this is essentially a lookup task, our first instinct is to use VLOOKUP. However, we know that VLOOKUP can only return one related value, not the sum of multiple related values This tutorial shows you how could you easily VLookup multiple values in Excel which is based on one or more conditions. If you have two tables and want to check multiple columns criteria in another table and want to get matched column value in first table With a bit of help from an Array formula we can use our trusty VLOOKUP to do just this.. VLOOKUP Multiple Values Formula. In cell C3 I used the following formula to achieve this multiple VLOOKUP result: {= SUM (VLOOKUP(B3, Table1[[Name]:[Pay Rise 2006]], {4,5,6}, FALSE))} Note: This is an array formula and so the curly brackets at the beginning and end are entered by Excel automatically when. Or how to return multiple values with VLOOKUP function in Excel. VLOOKUP Return Multiple Values Horizontally. Assuming that you have a list of data that contain product name and product sales in the range A1:B6, and you want to vlookup a product excel and return all sales value of the excel horizontally

Get VLOOKUP Multiple Matches - Multi INDEX MATCH in Exce

How to vlookup and concatenate multiple corresponding

In this article, we will learn how to lookup for multiple value with duplicate lookup values in Excel. So here is the scenario. I have 10 students. I prepared an exam. In that exam each student scored marks out of 100. Now in Excel, i want to write a formula that tells me top 5 scorer's name. Apparently I can use the LARGE function, to get. VLOOKUP is one of the lookup and reference functions in Excel and Google Sheets used to find values in a specified range by row.It compares them row-wise until it finds a match. In this tutorial, we will look at how to use VLOOKUP on multiple columns with multiple criteria

VLOOKUP with Multiple Criteria in Excel (Top Tips + Example

  1. In this Excel tutorial I show you how to lookup values from multiple Excel Sheets or tabs. In Excel it's relatively easy to lookup values in one specific tab..
  2. In other words you want to return multiple corresponding values for one lookup value in Excel. In that situation you must have to use VLookup function in Excel. How to Return Multiple Items with VLookup in Excel. Step 1: Prepare the following given table in your active worksheet
  3. 17 Things About Excel VLOOKUP | Learn 17 amazing features of VLOOKUP in one go. LOOKUP Multiple Values | Lookup Multiple matches using the INDEX-MATCH function. Popular Articles: 50 Excel Shortcuts to Increase Your Productivity | Get faster at your task. These 50 shortcuts will make you work even faster on Excel

How to use VLookup to get multiple values - YouTub

Perform Excel Lookups With Multiple Criteria | PPC Hero

How to vlookup to return multiple values in one cell in Excel

How To VLOOKUP with 2 Inputs and 2 LOOKUP Columns Every now and then you have to get a bit creative with multiple Excel formulas to overcome particular issues. This time we needed to take 2 input values, look each one of them up in 2 separate columns and bring back the result from a third column Example 9 - Using VLOOKUP with Multiple Criteria. Excel VLOOKUP function, in its basic form, can look for one lookup value and return the corresponding value from the specified row. But often there is a need to use VLOOKUP in Excel with multiple criteria. Suppose you have a data with students name, exam type, and the Math score (as shown below) VLOOKUP is a powerful function. But I often get a question in one of my Power Excel seminars from someone who wants to know if VLOOKUP can return all of matching values. As you know, the VLOOKUP with False as the fourth argument will always return the first match that it finds. In the following screenshot, cell F2 returns 3623 because it is the first match found for job J1199 Using these Dynamic Array Functions is a really neat way to quickly return multiple results to multiple cells. They are a great alternative to VLOOKUP and allow you to create a dynamic range based on a certain criteria. UNIQUE removes duplicates in a list, returning a clean list of unique values =VLOOKUP(A1:10,Dog,2,FALSE) to give the value 30. However, in this list we see that Dog occurs 3 times. The standard VLOOKUP function will only return the value associated with the first item in this list. It won't return the 125 or 9,250 with the 2nd or 3rd instance of dog in this list. Vlookup Multiple Result

How to vlookup across multiple sheets and sum results in

How to vlookup value with multiple criteria in Excel

excel - How to get multiple column values in vlookup using

This tutorial will demonstrate how to perform a partial match VLOOKUP in Excel. VLOOKUP Function. The VLOOKUP Function is used to look up a value in the leftmost column of a range and returns the corresponding value from another column.. Partial Match VLOOKUP (begins with) By combining a wildcard, using the asterisk symbol (*), with the VLOOKUP function, we can create a partial match VLOOKUP. How to find duplicate Values with VLookup in different sheet in MS Excel: When we are using VLookup function, most of the cases we use Exact Match method in MS Excel. Today I try to tell you how to use VLookup function for searching Duplicate Values with VLookup in different sheets in range lookup VLOOKUP is an awesome Excel function. We all know this. But it certainly has its limitations. One of these is that it can only return the first match from a list. This is great when looking for a unique value. But what about when the value you are looking for appears multiple times in the list, and you want to return the last match How to use VLOOKUP function in Excel. The first question I hear is how does VLOOKUP work? Well, the function retrieves a value from a table by matching the criteria in the first column. The lookup columns (the columns from where we want to retrieve data) must be placed to the right

How to vlookup and return multiple values vertically in Excel

Use INDEX to lookup multiple values in a list

How to vlookup to get the row number in Excel?

Vlookup Multiple Values - Return MULTIPLE corresponding

Excel Formula to Find Vlookup and Return the Matching Values from Multiple Worksheet: Here we will discuss how to use Formula to find Vlookup and Return the Matching Values from Multiple Worksheet in Excel Office 365 Vlookup return multiple columns. We use curly brackets {} to indicate which columns we want to return and then convert the whole formula into an ArrayFormula to tell Google Sheets we're working with a range output, not a single value. What's the formula to have Vlookup return multiple values (This post is written by JP Pinto, the winner of the Great White Shark Award given for the best article written about VLOOLUP during VLOOKUP Week.We asked JP to share more of his Excel wisdom with you. JP Pinto blogs at Excel-User.com, where he writes Excel articles for common users to help improve their skills.). If you want to look up a value in a table using one criteria, it's simple In Excel, it's relatively easy to lookup values in one specific tab. But how do you lookup values in multiple tabs using only one formula? In this tutorial, I'll show you different methods for achieving this. One method uses VLOOKUP and direct worksheet and cell references

How to vlookup to return multiple columns from Excel table?

The downside of MS Excel's VLOOKUP is that it has significant limitations — particularly when you want to match values using multiple references In this Excel tutorial, I will show you different methods to compare two columns in Excel and look for matches or differences. There are multiple ways to do this in Excel and in this tutorial I will show you some of these (such as comparing using VLOOKUP formula or IF formula or Conditional formatting). So let's get started In this ArticleINDIRECT & VLOOKUPCHOOSE & VLOOKUPVLOOKUP & INDIRECT in Google Sheets This tutorial will demonstrate how to use the INDIRECT Function to define the lookup range in Excel and Google Sheets. INDIRECT & VLOOKUP You may need to perform a VLOOKUP on multiple ranges at once, dependent on certain cell values. For these instances

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