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Whale watching is mostly done in the north of Norway: The Lofoten and the Vesterålen 300km north of the polar circle are two chains of islands with stunning landscapes, overlapping each other. It never gets dark during summer and northern lights illuminate the sky in winter - both being perfect conditions for a whale watching trip Whale Watch Norway is offering the ultimate Arctic Experience in Northern Norway, Whales, Moose, Northern lights, deep sea fishing and much more.... Your Arctic Experience Your Arctic Experinece starts here. Extent of whale and dolphin watching. With its stunning fjords and its gateway to the Arctic, Norway offers unique whale watching opportunities for visitors year round, with opportunities to see sperm whales, killer whales and humpback whales as well as other species. Target species, peak times of year and location

Andenes - the perfect place for Whalewatching in Norway. Andenes is conveniently located in the north of the Vesterålen islands just adjacent to the Bleik-canyon - a deep-sea canyon at the edge of the continental shelf which is occupied by a variety of whale species the whole year round The small guy and the big guy #tbt In 2010 not only did we meet white beaked #dolphins , which we rarely see in these waters, but they were interacting with Luca, one of our known sperm #whales . What an encounter! The beauty of observing wild animals is that you never know what you will see! #whalesafari #utinaturen #andenes #andøy... See More See Les Whale Watching Summer Season. The waters of Andenes are highly productive, attracting a great diversity of both baleen and toothed whales! The most common sightings in Summer are Sperm whales, who stay here whole year round. The sight of a Sperm whale is really an overwhelming experience that already inspired Melville's tale about Moby Dick Unforgettable whale watching tours - combined with bird and seal safari! With Arctic Whale Tours, you will experience the incredible wildlife of Vesterålen in Norway. From the small, but lively fishing village of Stø, we set out to the sea on a combined whale, bird and seal watching adventure

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Orca whale watching with Strømsholmen Seasportcenter. Orca Expedition Trips. Orca Norway has been offering this opportunity to do swimming or snorkeling with these beautiful animals at each season since 1992. A large number of herring takes place in the fjords outside Skjervöy, Reisafjord and Kvaenangsfjord The Lofoten Islands have always been a popular hunting area for whaling in Norway. However, whale watching off northern Norway has now become so popular that Norwegian authorities have set up a dedicated whale route with ferries and boats between the Lofoten Islands

Strategically located between the famous tourist destinations such as Lofoten and North Cape, you find Andenes and Hvalsafari AS (Whalesafari Andenes). Our company is the first, largest and most experienced provider of whale watching in Norway. Since the start in 1989 we have gained unique experience and knowledge, which makes our crew the best. There are also more guided whale safaris in Northern Norway in winter, for instance with tour providers in Tromsø, as the locations are only a boat ride away from the whales' favourite waters. In the Svalbard islands, you can even be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the biggest whale on earth , the blue whale Join one of the most popular whale watching tours in Tromsø and spot killer and humpback whales in their natural habitat. Jump in a rigid-inflatable boat (RIB) with jus a few people and go explore the beautiful nature that Norway has to offer There are whales along the entire coast of Norway. However, you will find the best conditions for whale watching in Northern Norway. With Skjervøy Fishing Camp as your base, you can quickly reach several important feeding grounds for whales: Skjervøy, Ytre Reisafjord and Kvænangen. Whale watching made easy - everything taken care of for a great experience! Whale watching season: winter November-Januar

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When it comes to whale watching, there is no place quite like the northern part of Norway. Its coastal stretch of islands makes this the perfect place to view whales all year round. Depending on what time of year you are taking your Norway tour, Lofoten is one of the two best locations to see whales in the entire country. Since Lofoten is filled with Norwegian fjords, this makes it the ideal location for wintertime whale watching When is the best time to go on a whale safari in Norway? The official whale-watching season runs from the end of October to mid-January, and during these months you are pretty much guaranteed a sighting. There are numerous guided trips at this time of year, including this 'silent' whale watching trip from Tromsø Enjoyment of observing live cetaceans is rather separated from the domestic whaling industry in Norway; however, whale watching has become a popular national tourist attraction in recent years, especially in Andfjorden (Vesterålen and Troms) and around Tromsø Located on Andøya island in Norway, The Whale museum allows visitors to learn more about marine life and go whale watching. Dorte Mandrup's design for The Whale was chosen following strong competition from some of Europe's biggest architects A stunning architectural creation known as The Whale will be Norway's next visitor attraction, and it will enable visitors to Andenes on the island of which in turn attract the squid-loving sperm whales. As a result, whale-watching is a huge attraction in Andenes,.

Norway Whale Watching Holidays. Dabbling its toes in deep-water fjords and surrounded by snow-capped mountains, the Arctic city of Tromso is renowned as one of Europe's cetacean hotspots - and as it's a winter phenomenon, you get to go northern lights watching as well. Imagine watching a pod of orcas - twenty or thirty strong - rounding up vast. A short recap from the whale safari. 2016/-17 Location: Northern Norway. Andøya & Tromsø area. follow us on: instagram: https://www.instagram.com/arctic_bree..

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Whale watching, even on a 3D cinema screen, will never be the same as a personal encounter with these creatures. When you feel a gentle giant approaching your boat and sense the size of its smooth body gliding across the water there is a real sense of majesty to behold. Whales often reveal themselv Top Tromso Dolphin & Whale Watching Activities: See reviews and photos of dolphin & whale watching in Tromso, Norway on Tripadvisor The company they are partnering with for the whale watching part of this trip is Pukka Travels, one of the most renowned names in Northern Norway (and Svalbard) and they have high ethical standards. This is a trip that is organized in ALTA, not Tromsø, which is closer to where the whales are actually located Whale watching Skjervøy Northern Norway Whale watching safari off the coast of Skjervøy is the highlight of any Norwegian holiday! On your Norwegian bucket list, along with Northern Lights and Norwegian fjords, should be whale and wildlife safaris If you are an avid fan of whale watching, planning a holiday to the Kingdom of Norway could be the perfect opportunity to pursue the hobby further. Whale watching is immensely popular in Norway, with many varieties of whales, ranging from the Minke whales to orcas to pilot whales, being spotted on a regular basis. And to add to the perfect atmosphere, apart from the whales, there are numerous.

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Guidelines for whale watching in Tromsø. The recent rapid increase in boat numbers, and in-water activities as well as potential further increase next season, has led to many requests for guidelines from both communities and operators. These guidelines are to provide some immediate assistance to operators and boat users, as well as to especially. Whale watching holiday in the Lofoten Islands. The Lofoten Islands in North Norway are within touching distance of the edge of the continental shelf which plunges the depth of the ocean to more than 3000 feet. Here the deep water and resulting supply of nutrient-rich food such as squid and fish are essential feeding grounds for Sperm whales One of the highlights was whale watching in the fjords outside of Alta. Best season for whale watching in Norway is November to January and the fjord was packed with humpbacks and killer whales. What an amazing experience! The trip started in the city center of Alta at NORD Ekspedisjon 's camp Start whale watching and see the whales where National Geographic come to film their Blue Planet documentaries and live the moment instead of watching it on a screen. Our marine mammal scientist will introduce you to the whales of Norway and the research program through an engaging presentation In Norway, our preferred whale watching destinations are Alta and Tromso. In Iceland, we recommend joining a tour from Huvsavik or Reykjavik

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  1. g climate for numerous migrating whales. This pit-stop has made Andenes one of the best places in the world to spot whales and is the reason the attraction will be built there; on the edge of this magnificent underwater-world
  2. ke whales for use as animal and human food in Norway and for export to Japan. Whale hunting has been a part of Norwegian coastal culture for centuries, and commercial operations targeting the
  3. Whale watching and Northern Lights sailing cruise in Norway. Far North. Far East. Whales and Northern lights, from NKr11900 (5 days) ex flights

All Our Norway Holidays. Whale watching Summer or Winter. Under the Midnight Sun or The Northern Lights. Get 'up close and personal' with whales sailing from Andenes at the apex of the Vesteralen/Lofoten archipelago190 miles north of the Arctic Circle from a high speed RIB one day and a carvel hulled trawler the next As well as playing host to the northern lights, Norway is set to add another spectacular reason to visit to its long roster. (Featured image: Dortemandrup) A spot to view some beautiful whales is in the works, and it'll be 184 miles north of the Arctic Circle Best seasons for whale watching: May until September: Many sperm whales, but also some orca's November until mid February: LOTS of orca's, fin whales and humpback whales Dorte Mandrup has released visuals of The Whale, a viewpoint for whale watching that will resemble a giant rock outcrop within the Arctic Circle on the northern coast of Norway

Iceland is another killer whale hotspot, but if you want almost guaranteed sightings - in large numbers - Norway is the heart of killer whale watching in Europe (whalesafari.no). 8. Bottlenose. You can go whale watching and experience Norway's breathtaking scenery at a museum in the Arctic Circle that's shaped like a whale insider@insider.com (Melchi Anyinsah-Bondzie) 11/8/2020

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Norway plans to kill up to 1,278 minke whales this year, according to a recent announcement made by the country's fisheries ministry. This is the same quota as the previous two years, although. Killer whale watching in Norway The Norwegian fjords just north of Tromsø are, according to 'Skipper Extraordinaire', Charles Wara, probably the best place on the planet to watch killer whales in the wild Whale watching in Tromso Norway with Soroya Havfiskecruise. For further information about the DVD that includes this footage please visit www.wildlife-films.co Silent Whale Watching Cruise. Water Adventures; Arctic Adventures; Join in on a Silent whale watching cruise along Tromsø, and watch the humpback and killer whales as they feed in the herring-rich fjords. The silent hybrid electric catamaran is able to get close to the humpback whales and orcas, without disturbing them A true wildlife spotting dream, get the chance to experience humpbacks, orcas and sea eagles. Travel in the most sustainable way while you enjoy nature

Norway remains one of only three countries to publicly allow commercial whaling, along with Japan and Iceland. Much of the catch is sent to Japan, where demand is high, but for the first time in. This might be one of Norway's coolest museums yet! For our full list of museums in Norway (there are hundreds!), head here. The museum's expected opening date is June of 2023. Arctic location. Norway is slated to open a totally unique whale museum which will include a whale-spotting platform Mar 23, 2014 - Through November to January and during the Polar Night, Humpback Whales are passing the shores of Northern Norway. See more ideas about whale watching, polar night, humpback whale

Experience the stunning magic of northern Norway and its wondrous sea life firsthand during a whale watching safari with Hvalsafari AS (Whalesafari Andenes), located near the edge of the continental shelf in the whale-rich waters near Andenes.The 25-year-old company even offers a whale guarantee, promising berth on the next whale-watching cruise if your initial cruise doesn't result in. New plans to open a huge, land-based whale watching attraction in Norway will promote the amazing opportunities see whales in Norway but could also help change the opinions of some Norwegians who still support whale hunting in the region. The stunning looking building will sit right on the shore around 300km north of th Humpbacks, 40-50 ft. in length are found in waters around Washington state, British Columbia, California and Hawaii; playful black and white orca whales live year-round in the waters off the Pacific Northwest's San Juan Islands and in Reykjavik, Iceland; the Azores are home to pilot whales and blue whales can be viewed off of Canada's Atlantic Coast

I'd wanted to go whale watching in Norway for at least the last decade. Every year I'd almost booked it, just for something else to come up at the last minute or to talk myself out of it when the costs started to add up. Finally this year, very last-minute, I decided to just get it booked and go. All alone Whale watching by boat around Kvaløyvågen near Tromsø in northern Norway with close encounters of humpback whales and killer whales. Some nice views of jumpi..


Best places for whale watching. Although whales can be spotted nearly anywhere along the Olympic coast, there are several areas that are perfect for catching a glimpse of these giant marine mammals. May is designated whale watching month at Kalaloch Lodge, which is part of the Whale Trail, a collection of over 100 viewing locations that extends. Norway: Whale Watching in Andenes. by metronomad; Posted on August 10, 2010 March 18, 2018; Day 7: Sortland - Andenes. We left in the morning with the bus to Andenes, which is a two-hour ride away from Sortland Despite the thriving whale watching industry in Northern Norway, there are still no legally enforced guidelines for tour providers. This leaves little room for ethical considerations, accountability and standardised operations. Rather, whale watching providers are encouraged to take it upon themselves to form an industry standard

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Whale watching in Norway. Report. Browse more videos. Playing next. 1:03. A New Whale-watching Museum Is Opening in Norway — and It's Shaped Like a Whale Fin Answer 1 of 12: Hello all, I have a trip booked to Tromso in early December for my 30th Birthday. I have a northern lights tour in mind (plus huskie/reindeer sledding) however I would also like to book a whale watching trip as the best time to see them coincides.. Norway tries to claim that its whaling is 'sustainable' and must be carried out because 'whales eat too many fish'. In January 2018, Fisheries Minister, Per Sandberg, wrote an opinion piece denouncing as a 'vicious myth' the idea that whales are endangered and claiming that Norway conducts a 'balanced study' of whales because sustainability is an important factor Húsavík is considered to be the whale-watching capital of Iceland, some even claiming it has the best whale watching in Europe. Skjálfandi has a higher number of cetaceans than Eyjafjörður. Having a higher number of animals means there are more chances of sightings and watching exciting behaviors such as breaching, fluking, tail-slapping, and spy-hopping The Whale, a new whale-watching museum is slated to open in northern Norway in the year 2023. This museum will be located on the island of Andoya in northern Norway. Andenes, a small town located in the north of Andøya, Norway is a major whale-watching centre because of its location

Nov 3, 2017 - Combine nature's light show with the trip of a lifetime. Come and see the Orcas and Humpback Whales feeding on herring Whale Watch Kaikoura is one of the most popular tourist attractions in New Zealand. Experience the magic of Kaikōura whale watching with one of our tours

  1. ️ The challenge of photographing whales and their ecosystems ️ Local Experiences of Whale Watching in America. The cases of Chile, Mexico and Argentina ️ Local Experiences of Whale Watching in Europe. The cases of Azores, Norway and Spain. ️ Whale Watching as an Ecotourism Product: Challenges, Opportunities and Future Prospects
  2. Dolphin-watching in La Palma, Canary Islands, is one of the best activities you can do in this spectacular coastal environment.. La Palma is one of the most beautiful islands in the Canary Islands, and it's also one of the most popular islands, along with Tenerife and Gran Canaria, to spot whales.Thanks to its beautiful scenery and proliferation of cetaceans, I highly recommend booking a La.
  3. icalito beach and goes through the Marino Ballena National Park, one of the best places to see whales and dolphins in Costa Rica.During the cruise, you'll also get to see other marine creatures like sea turtles.
  4. Whale watching from boat ; Special considerations: Sperm Whale; Drones; Snorkelling with killer whales; WHALE WATCHING IN NORWAY; DOWNLOAD; Whale species in Norwegian Waters. Blue Whale, Balaenoptera musculus; Fin Whale, Balaenoptera physalus; Humpback Whale, Megaptera novaeangliae

Whale, bird and seal watching combined in one full day adventure with whale guarantee! Destination: Norway Iceland Canada Greenland Sweden Faroe Islands Norway Finland Baltic Countrie 3rd Day Whale Watching & Northern Lights. Today you'll cruise around the archipalago whale watching, visiting some of the islands and anchoring at different places: Musvaer,Toftenest, Tromvik for staggering views of the raw vertiginous mountains and Hundergtinden & Hillesoytoppen for some easy guided snow shoeing and equally epic mountain views Norway Is Building A Stunning Whale-Watching Museum. By Jack Saddler • August 10, 2020. You love to sea it. This is one to add to your bucket list. As well as playing host to the northern lights, Norway is set to add another spectacular reason to visit to its long roster Whale Watching. Our expert team have been running whale trips to Norway for a number of years; almost the entire time in which orcas have been found migrating to these waters. In the past, our clients have remained close to land, watching and swimming with the whales during their hunts off the coast of Tromsø Which whales? Minke, humpback, blue, sperm, sei Why it's a hotspot: The North Atlantic is a good feeding ground; whale-watching trips run from the west or north of the country - Húsavik is the main hub, but tours also leave from Reykjavík Whale near Husavik, Iceland (Shutterstock) Other wildlife? Puffin, porpoise, dolphin Best for..

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  1. The whales can easily be seen from the shore, but there are many catamarans and sailboat whale watching excursions too. The captains use their eyes to spot whales as sonar is strictly forbidden. For a once-in-a-lifetime experience, you can whale watch from the sky with Blue Hawaiian Helicopters Heli-Whale Experience Tours on Maui and the Big Island
  2. ke and humpback whales to white-beaked dolphins, orcas and harbor porpoises
  3. Andenes, on the tip of Norway's Andoya island some 300 kilometres north of the Arctic circle, is the future site of The Whale, a stunning tourist attraction where people can observe whales in their natural habitat.Taking charge of the project is the architecture studio Dorte Mandrup, devout believers in the possibilities of modern architecture and experimental curiosity
  4. Whale watching with enviro friendly company I had a great time with Elding early May on a whale watching tour. The guide was fantastic - she was very engaging, enthusiastic and knowledgeable. I was lucky enough to see two species of whales and various different sea birds, all of which were explained in great detail in an interesting way
  5. A whale-watching museum in Norway will be shaped like a fin to help visitors feel closer to the sea creatures than ever before. The unique building, aptly named The Whale, is set to open to the.
  6. Join us for the Highest-Rated Whale-Watching Adventure Today! Boasting the highest ratings on TripAdvisor, Yelp, and Google, whale watching in Southern California doesn't get any better than Captain Dave's Dolphin and Whale Watching Safari in Dana Point — the dolphin and Whale Watching Capital® of the world
  7. utes to read. while from the many whale-watching vessels at sea, it resembles a massive tail

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Responsible Whale Watching. We believe that it's possible to provide an educational experience to guests while respecting the whale's natural habitat. Orca Spirit has always taken special care to practice respectful whale watching by following strict guidelines around vessel speed, viewing distance, and radio and engine usage. Full Guideline I prefer whale watching from the shore. There are also commercial businesses that offer whale watching cruises and flights. For information and contact numbers, check this link. Thousands of gray whales migrate along the Oregon Coast. What a sight they are to see! There are numerous places to watch for them along the huge Oregon Coastline Whale watching in Europe may not seem like a likely option, but what many don't realise is that the waters off the coast of Norway present marvelous opportunities to view whales and other marine life. Its location near the Arctic Circle ensures that the country is surrounded by a diverse range of marine mammals, and Norway boasts a long and rich seafaring history. Whale watching cruises depart. Whale Watching. One of the truly exceptional experiences Morro Bay can offer is the chance to watch the California Gray Whales and Central Coast Humpback Whales. Book Now . Types of Trips. The mighty Freedom is our 53ft primary whale watching vessel. The Dos Osos is our 33ft catamaran Find professional Humpback Whale Watching videos and stock footage available for license in film, television, advertising and corporate uses. Getty Images offers exclusive rights-ready and premium royalty-free analog, HD, and 4K video of the highest quality

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Category:Whale watching in Norway. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Subcategories. This category has the following 3 subcategories, out of 3 total. A Andfjord (ship, 1956)‎ (3 F) K Killer whales in Å, Lofoten‎ (24 F) Whale watching from Húsavík began back in 1995 when North Sailing launched its first whale watching boat. Since then, whale watching from Húsavík has become one of the most popular activities of visitors to Iceland increasing year by year While whale watching is perceived as an activity that can impart economic value to whales and dolphins, and thus provide an incentive to preserve them in their natural habitat, it also has the potential to negatively affect the populations that are targeted for tourism 1.It is important for whale watching tour operators and managers responsible for regulating whale watching tourism to. Back in the ninth century, the Vikings caught whales near Tromso and the use of spear-drift whaling began in the twelfth century with hunters striking the whales from open boats with a spear. This led to the development of the harpoon, the favoured weapon of whale hunters today. Since the start of the twentieth century, Northern Norway has hunted whales for their meat as food and continues to. Whale watching tours provide an opportunity for tourists to learn about these impressive animals. Through education, tours promote the protection of whales and their habitats.Irresponsible whale watching practices, however, can lead to short and long term negative impacts on sea life

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Norway's 2020 whaling season ran from April 1 to September 30. Slightly more than 500 whales were killed, compared to 429 in 2019. This is the highest total since 2016, when nearly 600 whales were killed. Sixteen whaling vessels requested a permit to hunt whales last year, but only 13 participated Answer 1 of 21: I am looking to go to Norway next year (about November time) and want to go on a whale watching tour to see Orcas. i have read so many different reports about where is the best place to go and am now a bit confused. Can anyone please let me know.. Whale watching in BC is easily accessible, with tours even going from Vancouver! However, your best bet is to head a little further afield to Vancouver Island. Whale watching is popular and reliable from BC's capital, Victoria at the southern tip of Vancouver Island, and from surf-town Tofino on the west coast of the island

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Whale watching from Ponta Delgada with a catamaran. If you'd like to go searching for whales on a slightly bigger boat, this tour is ideal for you. The catamaran tour feels a bit less adventurous. You don't have to wear a life jacket and are able to move around the boat freely Whale Watching Boat Trip off Andenes in Norway - GP0STPL36 Greenpeace Arctic experts Christian Bussau and Larissa Beumer from Germany and Erland Tellnes from Norway during a whale watching boat trip off the coast of Andenes, Norway. Greenpeace research trip along the northern Norwegian coast to Tromso and the Goliat oil platform. Near Tromso the team observed humpback whales and orcas feeding. Today: whale watching. You never forget your first whale. The impact it makes upon you is huge and life is never quite the same again. My first whale was a 40ft grey,. Whale Watching Russia. We swim with whales all around the world. We know how, where and when to do it, and we do it well. Norway: musk ox. 26 - 30 October, 2021. Free diving and swimming with Killer Whales in Norway. Norway. 30 October - 07 November / 09 - 17 November / 20 - 28 November, 2021 Whale Watching Boat Trip off Andenes in Norway - GP0STPL3B Greenpeace Arctic experts Larissa Beumer from Germany and Erland Tellnes from Norway during a whale watching boat trip off the coast of Andenes, Norway. Greenpeace research trip along the northern Norwegian coast to Tromso and the Goliat oil platform. Near Tromso the team observed humpback whales and orcas feeding on herring

Whale-watching cruises are available from most of the larger coastal towns including Monterey. Because they feed away from the shore, they're not easy to spot from land. Find out more about blue whales online. Continue to 4 of 11 below. 04 of 11. Blue Whales: What You'll See Whalewatching today - fishsoup for lunch while Orca is dancing 20m from Arctic Queen. Cant be better. #orca #killerwhale #whalewatching #acinorway #tromsovisitors #tromsø #norway #visittromso [wpvideo OFEWWegA A whale-watching boat in Iceland, with a Humpback Whale tail out of water. (Photo via Getty Images) Where to Go Whale Watching in the Fall Hermanus, South Africa. This fishing town is one of the best places in the world for shore-based whale watching, ideal for those who prefer to stay on dry land

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California is the best whale watching destination in the United States, and it's also the first: whale watching as an organized activity dates back to 1950 when the Cabrillo National Monument in San Diego was declared a public spot for the observation of Gray Whales The Danish architecture firm Dorte Mandrup A/S won the international competition to design The Whale, a new touristic attraction for northern Norway, that will tell the stories of the. To celebrate the launch of our 'Whale watching in Scotland' Itinerary we are giving away a 1 WEEK HOLIDAY for 2 people. The prize includes accommodation and activities for two adults (or 1 adult & 1 child).. To be in with a chance of winning please fill in your details below. Winner will be announced on social media and will be contacted on Tuesday 20th April Whilst the South West holds the record for Australia's longest whale-watching season, there are plenty of opportunities to get a glimpse of these majestic creatures no matter where in WA you are - even if you're a beginner.. So, it's time to grab your binoculars - here are 10 of the best whale-watching spots in WA Whale watching in Norway. 18 January 2021; 1 minute read; Camille; Whale watching in Norway. Camille. You May Also Like View Post. About Click and Boat the Peer to Peer Boat Rental site; Travel Guides: best destinations to set sail; Why a motorboat holiday in Dubai is a must! 8 April 2021; Jack

Flagship Cruises Whale Watching Tour. I really like this tour by Flagship Cruises, because it is run by the Birch Aquarium, which is part of the world-renowned Scripps Institute of Oceanography at the University of California San Diego.. This tour is on a pretty big ship, so it is great if you are prone to seasickness Whale watching from Dalvik close to Akureyri, the capital of North Iceland, with Arctic Sea Tours is truly a fun sea adventure you won't forget.We're proud to say that we have great sighting success and five stars on TripAdvisor! The whale watching takes place in the picturesque landscape of Eyjafjordur followed by sea fishing inside the majestic mountains of Tröllaskagi just short of the.

Orcas ( Spekkhoggere ) in Midsund Norway - YouTubeIn pictures: whales, dolphins and dugongs | NaturalLofoten and Northern Lights Self Drive Holiday in NorwayIcebergs in Greenland : Travel and Tour Packages : NordicBeautiful Whale Photography (64 pics) - Izismile
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