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Empire is an American musical drama television series created by Lee Daniels and Danny Strong for Fox.It is a joint production by Imagine Television and 20th Century Fox Television and syndicated by 20th Television.Although it is filmed in Chicago, the show is set in New York.The series centers on the fictional hip hop music and entertainment company Empire Entertainment, and the drama among. Empir eller empire (av fr. empire kejsardöme), även kallad kejsarstil eller Napoleonstil, är en ursprungligen fransk konststil, som var förhärskande under Napoleon I:s kejsartid (1804-1815).Empiren är en fortsättning på den stränga nyklassicism som efter förberedelser under Ludvig XVI:s tid och direktoriet. Napoleons arkitekter Charles Percier och Pierre Francois Leonard Fontaine.

Welcome to the Empire TV Show Wiki, a wiki that serves as an encylopedia of information and details on the new FOX television series, Empire. As of this moment, this wiki has 384 articles, and this wiki is hoping for new contributors to make this wiki a strong community.If you'd love to take part on this Empire journey with us, feel free to help by creating or editing articles and keeping this. Empire is an American musical drama television series created by Lee Daniels and Danny Strong which debuted on Fox on January 7, 2015. The show takes place in New York and centers around a hip hop music and entertainment company, Empire Entertainment, and the drama among the members of the founders' family as they fight for control of the company. The show stars Terrence Howard, Trai Byers. Welcome. Welcome to the Empire Wiki; here you will be able to find everything you need to know about Empire, the new live roleplaying game from Profound Decisions, which began Easter 2013.We often upload new content to the site, so if you are returning after a break then check the Wiki Updates section for a list of what has changed since your last visit

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Empire is the fourth full-length studio album by the American heavy metal band Queensrÿche, released on August 20, 1990.The album stands as Queensrÿche's most commercially successful release, reaching triple-platinum status. The primary single, the power ballad Silent Lucidity, reached number 1 on the Mainstream Rock Tracks and number 9 on the Billboard Hot 100. This is the unofficial wiki for Empires & Puzzles: RPG Quest. Empires & Puzzles is a completely new take on RPG games, combining match-3 battles and building a mighty stronghold - topped with thrilling PVP duels. This month brings an all new Challenge Event to join the circuit, The League of Villains, together with some brand new heroes and the possibility to pull trainers on the event summon. The wiki about the Age of Empires series, the real-time strategy games developed by Ensemble Studios, that anyone can edit! We currently have 4,062 articles and 16,594 images ! 317,997 edits have been made since the founding of this wiki on September 9, 2005 Från Forge of Empires - Wiki SE. Hoppa till: navigering, sök. Välkommen till Forge of Empires-Wikin: Våreventet är här - Klicka här för att läsa mer. Våreventet 2021 pågår mellan den 25 mars och 14 april: Klicka här för att komma till Våreventet 2021

1,627 articles on this wiki 556 pages in the category Empire: Total Wa Driving Empire is a driving based game in ROBLOX. The game was created on June 23 2019, and has since garnered over 60 million visits. Driving Empire has become one of the most popular driving games in ROBLOX! Do not vandalise any wiki pages. Removing all content from a page without reason or adding completely irrelevant text (things that aren't information about a vehicle, for example) is. エンパイア (empire)とは帝国を表す。. エンパイア (1964年の映画) - 1964年のアメリカ合衆国の映画。 EMPIRE -エンパイア-(英語版) - 2005年にアメリカ合衆国で放送された全6話のテレビドラマシリーズ。Empire 成功の代償 - 2015年から2020年までアメリカ合衆国で放送されたテレビドラマシリーズ

Empire city. Imperial Citizens (aka Imperials or Imps) like to project their wealth. They prefer opulence, style and quality with no expense spared. This is visible in their cities, ships by Gutamaya and clothing.. Imperial citizens view Ngadandari Fire Opals as a status symbol. Their mesmerizing fire-like reflections represent the fire of the birth of the Empire Age of empires IV är ett kommande realtidsstrategi - datorspel under utveckling av Relic Entertainment och det fjärde i Age of empires-serien.Spelet annonserades för första gången av Microsoft den 21 augusti 2017. [1]Mer spelinfo visades upp på XO19-evenemanget den 14 november 2019 där de visade upp medeltida krigföring mellan mongoliska och engelska krigsstyrkor 1 Overview 2 Knighthood orders 3 Reinforcements 3.1 Commoners 3.2 Nobles 4 Troop trees 5 Lords 6 Cities 7 Castles 8 Background 9 Commentary on the Empire 10 Extra From the South, across thesouthern sea, the great Baccus empire launched an invasion fleetand landed a powerful army on the shores of Pendor led by the war-hardened General Oasar.He drove inland, rapidly conquering cities and castles. Please update the article to reflect recent events, and remove this template when finished. The Galactic Empire, declared as the First Galactic Empire, commonly referred to as simply the Empire, and remembered as the Old Empire, was the fascist galactic government that replaced the Galactic Republic in the aftermath of the Clone Wars and ushered galactic civilization into a new age. The Empire. Welcome to the English fan database of the Forge of Empires MMO. With 4,029 articles, 6,977 images, 55 active editors and 150,557 edits so far, you are at the largest Fandom Wiki for FoE which has a near-inexhaustible wealth of information, quests, guides and an awesome community

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  1. Welcome to the Empires Mod wiki, home to documentation, guides, tips, and other useful information for players and developers. The contents of this site are maintained and policed by the community for the better of the whole. Please be considerate and enjoy what others have spent much time putting together for everyone
  2. MORE COMING SOON Not sure where to start? The Community Portal is a great place to learn about the wiki. It contains information for newcomers and regular members alike: Benefits of creating an account. How to help out. How to maintain pages and make sure they have a consistent look. Act of Aggression • Act of War • Age of Empires • Arc the Lad • The Banner Saga • Battle Brothers.
  3. Welcome to the Atlantis: The Lost Empire Wiki! This wiki is dedicated to the 2001 Disney Animated Feature Atlantis: The Lost Empire and all related programs and products. We are currently editing over 142 articles since it was founded on July 21, 2011 by Olórin The White
  4. utes créée par Lee Daniels et Danny Strong et diffusée entre le 7 janvier 2015 [1] et le 21 avril 2020 sur le réseau Fox et au Canada en simultané sur Omni Television [2] pour la première saison, puis une heure en avance, pour la moitié de la seconde saison sur Citytv [3], puis sur le service Shomi, et en.
  5. Empire è una serie televisiva statunitense creata da Lee Daniels e Danny Strong per la Fox. Trasmessa dal 7 gennaio 2015 al 21 aprile 2020, segue le vicende di un'eccentrica famiglia nel mondo dell'hip-hop, i Lyon, e la loro etichetta discografica, l'Empire. Trama. Lucious Lyon è un ex delinquente.

For the Isles in general, see Isles. The Empire of the Isles is the foremost constitutional monarchy in the known world, encompassing the Isles of Gristol, Morley, Serkonos, and Tyvia. Formed at the end of the War of Four Crowns in 1625, with the crowning of Emperor Finlay Morgengaard I on 2nd Day, Month of Nets, 1626, the Empire, aided by the Imperial Navy, became the primary hegemonic power. Goodgame Empire is a free-to-play browser real-time strategy game developed by Goodgame Studios. Players build their own castle, create a powerful army, and then take part in player-vs-player (PvP) battles. 1 Gameplay 2 Hall of Fame 3 Gallery 4 Videos Players begin as the lord of a castle in a kingdom called 'The Great Empire', taking charge of a small fortress that can eventually be upgraded.

Dies ist das Wiki zum Onlinespiel Goodgame Empire der Firma Goodgamestudios. Alles Wichtige, wie Gebäudetabellen, Soldateninfos und vieles mehr finden Sie hier! Sollten Sie einen Fehler finden, können sie ihn einfach verbessern The Empire in this story is based on a what-if scenario where the German empire unified under the Großdeutsche Lösung (Greater German solution), so that all German-speaking peoples came together under one state. If peace had managed to continue throughout the 1910s and war broke out later, during the years between World War I and World War II, how would things be different? In that. Atlantis: The Lost Empire is a featured article, which means it has been identified as one of the best articles produced by the Disney Wiki community. If you see a way this page can be updated or improved without compromising previous work, please feel free to contribute

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From Forge of Empires - Wiki EN. Jump to: navigation, search. Welcome to Forge of Empires Wiki: These documents are a constant work in progress and were designed to help and guide you through your gaming experience as well as provide detailed information about the game mechanics and stats. We also. What is your favourite of the Empire: Total War fighting arms (or combat arms): ETW fighting arms You already voted for Infantry on 14:43, 15 September 2017, you can change your vote by clicking an answer below

The Empire has a history that stretches back for more than 2500 years, but much has been forgotten or lost in the intervening centuries. War, fire, flood and even conspiracy has helped to hide much of the historical record, whether it was recorded in books and scrolls or preserved in the form of artifacts An Empire is a group of planets and star systems that are ruled by the same government and controlled by a single player (or AI). Empires may have a variety of governments such as a democracy, oligarchism, despotism or imperial rule. Ethics are the most defining features of a space empire; they affect the behavior of AI empires, likely technologies, available policies and edicts, valid.

Throughout Tamriel's history, there have been several major human empires. 1 Nordic Empire 2 Alessian Empire 3 Reman Empire 4 Septim Empire 4.1 Mede Dynasty 5 References Main article: Nordic Empire The first empire of the Nords, while often traced back to Ysgramor in the Merethic Era, actually.. An Empire is the highest tier of landed titles in Crusader Kings II, above kingdom.The title is held by Emperor-ranked characters only.The portrait of emperor (or equivalent) has a golden border adorned by gems. To create or usurp an empire, a character needs to: . Control at least 80% of its de jure territory; Hold either two kingdom titles, or an empire-rank titl

The Byzantine Empire, also referred to as the Eastern Roman Empire, or Byzantium, was the continuation of the Roman Empire in its eastern provinces during Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages, when its capital city was Constantinople.It survived the fragmentation and fall of the Western Roman Empire in the 5th century AD and continued to exist for an additional thousand years until it fell to. The Achaemenid Empire (/ ə ˈ k iː m ə n ɪ d /; Old Persian: , romanized: Xšāça, lit. 'The Empire'), also called the First Persian Empire, was an ancient Iranian empire based in Western Asia founded by Cyrus the Great.Ranging at its greatest extent from the Balkans and Eastern Europe proper in the west to the Indus Valley in the east, it was larger than any previous empire.

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Stick Empires. Stick Empires (SE) is a multiplayer online RTS game created by CRAZYJAY (Jason Whitham) with Brock White and Winston Zhang. There is a large community and there are many clans that are taking applications; joining a clan gives a tight knit group to have fun with and war against other clans. This wiki is designed to give helpful information and strategies about the game, so. Welcome to Sins of a Solar Empire The wiki about the 4XRTS game from Ironclad / Stardock that anyone can edit.. Welcome to Sins of a Solar Empire, an RT4X game that combines the best elements from the turn-based strategy genre with its real-time cousin.You will become the ruler of one of three unique races and lead your people to victory over your competitors by any means necessary Here at Boardwalk Empire Wiki, we've got lots to do! Season 5 premiered September 7, 2014 with Golden Days for Boys and Girls.If you are a fan of Boardwalk Empire, please share your knowledge and passion and help us build the wiki! What we need currently on the wiki: The fifth season brings a wealth of new characters and plots

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The Nilfgaardian Empire (Ceas'raet in Nilfgaardian language) is the most powerful empire in the history of the known world.It is located in the southern part of the Continent and boasts both a thriving economy and a strong, well-trained army with talented commanders. It has expanded mostly through the conquest of foreign countries, which were then turned into provinces of the Empire The Empire is a race introduced in Total War: Warhammer. They have three playable factions with four Legendary Lords to choose from. The Empire is the largest human nation in the Old World and the second largest in the Warhammer World, second only to Cathay. They are a proud country built on gunpowder, steel, and faith in their patron god Sigmar. They are based on the real world Holy Roman.

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Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings is a real-time strategy computer game set in the Middle Ages. It was released in 1999, and is the second main title of the Age of Empires series developed by Ensemble Studios and published by Microsoft.Due to its commercial success, an expansion pack was released; Age of Empires II: The Conquerors, followed by a Gold Edition, which bundled together the two. The Serbian Empire (Serbian: Српско царство, romanized: Sro carstvo, pronounced [sr̩̂oː tsâːrstʋo]) is a historiographical term for the empire in the Balkan peninsula that emerged from the medieval Serbian Kingdom.It was established in 1346 by King Stefan Dušan, known as the Mighty, who significantly expanded the state.. Under Dušan's rule Serbia was the major. Empires: Dawn of the Modern World is a history-based real-time strategy computer game developed by Stainless Steel Studios and released on October 21, 2003. Considered an unofficial sequel to Empire Earth, the game requires players to collect resources to build an empire, train military units.. Empires are geographically extensive groups of states (normally countries or worlds) and peoples (ethnic groups) united under rule by a central authority, either by a monarch (emperor, empress) or an oligarchy.The term Empire is derived from the Latin term imperium (a rule, a command; authority, control, power; supreme power, sole dominion; military authority; a dominion, realm) from.

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The T'au Empire, also spelled Tau Empire in older records and pronounced TOW Empire, is a rapidly expanding xenos stellar empire situated within the Imperium of Man's Ultima Segmentum, near the Eastern Fringes of the Milky Way Galaxy.. The T'au Empire was founded by the T'au caste called the Ethereals, who lead the T'au Empire in the name of the philosophy they have named the Greater Good The Tkon Empire was a massive empire and space federation that existed over six hundred thousand years ago. The empire was ruled from a unnamed throne world in sector 9 of the Milky Way Galaxy. The Empire had a population of trillions and was highly advanced technologically. The Tkon had the ability to move entire stars, using planets as outposts for defense. They employed guardians known as. The Alvarez Empire (アルバレス帝国 Arubaresu Teikoku) is a large country located in the Western Continent, Alakitasia.12 1 Description 2 Localization 3 History 4 Administration and Government 4.1 Members 5 Society & Culture 6 Military Power 7 Cities/Towns 8 Trivia 9 References 10 Navigation Alvarez Empire was founded at an unspecified time before X781 by Zeref Dragneel, who subjugated.

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Special Buildings are buildings that have mostly been available for limited periods during events and are not available through the player's building menu. Special Buildings are either unlocked by certain technologies or given as a reward in events, bonus quests, cultural settlements, Daily Challenges and Guild Expeditions. Most Special Buildings can be placed back into the player's inventory. The time has come for us to claim our rightful dominion over the world! Nothing shall stand in our way!Gestahl The Gestahlian Empire is a governmental organization in Final Fantasy VI. In the original Super Nintendo release, it was simply called The Empire, but it is named the Gestahlian Empire in the Game Boy Advance and following releases. The Empire and its officers serve as the primary. For the premiere episodes of season three, see The Crystal Empire - Part 1and Part 2. For the similarly named high school in Equestria Girls: Friendship Games, see Crystal Prep Academy. The Crystal Empire is a location that first appears in the two-part third season premiere of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic as the home of the Crystal Ponies. It is ruled by Princess Cadance and Prince. Sins of a Solar Empire. Welcome to Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion, the latest evolution of the RT4X genre pioneered by Ironclad Games and Stardock Entertainment that combines the best elements from turn-based and real-time strategy. In Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion, you will become the ruler of one of six unique factions and lead your.

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Byggnader är nyckeln till framgång i Forge of Empires. För att bygga byggnader måste du öppna konstruktionsmenyn längst ner till vänster på spelskärmen. Byggnader sorteras i olika kategorier och du kan välja dem via olika flikar. Byggnader har olika storlekar, byggkostnader och utfall, som kan variera från tid till tid The Crystal Empire - Part 1 is the first episode of the third season of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic and the fifty-third episode overall. It is the first half of a two-part episode. In this episode, a curse that caused an empire to vanish for a thousand years has finally ended. Princess Celestia orders Twilight Sparkle and her friends to help defend the newly awakened Empire against King. The Empire mod is a mod created by Saakra (Wolf) for Rimworld version 1.1. Do not be confused with The Shattered Empire added by the Royalty DLC. Video: 0:55 Faction Tab 7:50 Creating a settlement 10:55 Settlement menu 21:33 Bills menu & Event Menu 24:50 Military Menu 1 More detailed version of.. The Badan Empire (バダン帝国, Badan Teikoku) was originally thought to be a secret organization aiming to conquer the world, creating a Third Empire.Badan claims to inherit the will of all the previous organizations that attempted to conquer the world but were defeated by the Kamen Riders, including the alien group, Jin Dogma.However, the Kamen Riders eventually united and stopped the. Kou Empire's Dungeon Capturers. Six members of the Imperial Family are Dungeon Capturers and King Vessels.Five of them were invited by Judar to capture the Dungeons that he summoned, excluding Hakuryuu, who was sent by Sinbad to the 61st Dungeon, Zagan, in the Torran Village located near Sindria's territory. Later, Judar invited Hakuryuu to capture the 68th Dungeon, Belial

The Galra Empire is a massive intergalactic empire formerly ruled by Emperor Zarkon and later splintered under the control of multiple Galra warlords, including Commander Sendak that made up most of the Galra race. Prior to the new Paladins of Voltron being selected it was ruled by Zarkon, who later had the empire fight their old enemy Voltron. After the battle, Zarkon was gravely injured and. The Kree Empire is a galactic government established by the Kree, a technologically advanced race originating from the planet Hala. With only a handful of rival entities, the Kree Empire is one of the most powerful states in the galaxy. 1 History 2 Notable Kree Imperials 3 References 4 External Links The Kree Empire is an austere and authoritarian state that govern through propaganda and.

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Welcome to the Empire Minecraft Wiki! Here you'll find all the information you need to play on our server. The Empire Wiki is organized for your easy use and covers much more than your standard Minecraft Wiki, such as our rules, various differences from vanilla Minecraft that you will find on EMC and information on all of our awesome features Gamer's guide to Empire and Puzzles RPG game. Explains icons, heroes, strategy, and other game play components. Includes screen shots and links to other resources. Empires and Puzzles RPG Wiki. Search this site. Home. 1. Intro and Game Play. Alliances. Alliance Chat. Alliance Energy. Alliance. Home Wiki > Empire Site Infrastructure > Vote for the Empire! Page; Vote for the Empire! Voting is a great way of earning extra Rupees every day while helping The Empire in the process. In fact, you could earn over a thousand Rupees per day along with exclusive and rare items by just taking a few minutes to vote on each Website Welcome to the Transport Empire Wiki! This wiki is for the iOS, Android, Facebook and Windows game Transport Empire developed by Game Insight.. Transport Empire is an economic strategy simulator where players control a transport company in a world inspired by the Victorian Era, and Steampunk machinations

The Dhakaani Empire was once a mighty goblinoid nation that dominated most of Khorvaire over a period extending from about 15,000 years ago to about 5000 years ago.[1] This 10,000-year-period is called The Age of Dhakaan by scholars.[2] 1 History 2 Society 3 The Heirs of Dhakaan 4 Notes 5 References In the Age of Monsters Khorvaire was occupied by few races to oppose the expansion of the. Empire Earth II is the second installment in the Empire Earth series. The game has 15 epochs and 14 different civilizations. 1 Gameplay 2 Epochs 3 Technology 4 Civilizations 5 Campaigns 6 Gallery 7 Video Empire Earth II has several new gameplay features from the original gameplay of Empire Earth, such as the Picture-in-Picture window, a small window within the game interface which allows the.

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My Duty To The Emperor, My Life For Helghan. Helghast Soldier's Oath Of Allegiance[src] The Helghan Empire was the totalitarian governing body on planet Helghan, ruling over the Helghast people. The founder and first ruler of the Empire was Autarch Scolar Visari. The Empire was the instigator of the Second Extrasolar War in which they attempted to conquer the entire Alpha Centauri system. The Klingon Empire was the official state of the Klingon people. It was founded in the 9th century by Kahless the Unforgettable, who first united the Klingon homeworld of Qo'noS. Since then, the Klingon Empire expanded its sphere of influence by conquering numerous systems and incorporating them. This made the Empire a major power in its region of the galaxy as of the 22nd, 23rd, and 24th. Prime Empire (originally called Unfinished Adventure Game I) is an old, legendary arcade game, created by Milton Dyer. According to Scott, this game was programmed and tested 30 years ago. After the defeat of the Blizzard Samurai, the game resurfaces and gamers become trapped within The Southern Empire is a kingdom in Mount&Blade II: Bannerlord. They have, as the other two empires (the Northern and Western Calradic Empire), a specialization in armored cataphracts and skilled archers. The Southern Empire shares a border with the Aserai and Khuzaits, as well as the two other splinter states resulting from the splitting of the Calradic Empire. This empire is ruled by Rhagaea. The Antarctic Empire (pronounced, ænˈtɑːktɪkˈɛmpaɪə) (in-game: AntarcticEmpire) is a faction created by Technoblade. It is the most militaristic and expansionist faction on the server. It laid claim to the majority of the world map's territory as a result of a successfully-executed world domination plan but was forced to restrict their territorial claims to the continent of. The Dwendalian Empire is a nation on the continent of Wildemount, dominating the western half of the region of Wynandir.Founded thirteen generations before the events of Campaign 2,3 the Empire has slowly encompassed territory of the continent and now mainly minds itself. The capital of the Dwendalian Empire is Rexxentrum,4 a massive city more than twice the size of Emon.5 1 Geography 1.1.

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